Best The Haunted Songs

The Haunted is a Swedish Thrash Metal Band formed in..
(this is our fave Swedish Thrash Metal Band!!!)

The Top Ten

1 Trenches

Notable to be their best song! - Overkiller

Best song ever. They were also melodic death metal

The Greatest Thrash Metal is now on the list
Now I can Vote! TRENCHES goes first! It's the BEST and might be THEIR GREATEST

It's still their
Best there is
The song is the most sucessful
No matter what they

2 Ceremony

Absolutely badass thing with never-to-be-forgotten chorus

Though nothing ever reply a single messages (except these)
We will continue to support this list! - THE_DARK

3 Iron Mask

No one has understimated iron mask songs
Of it are worthy in rock music punk rocks?!, hmm ss
They were dirt rocks that really irritates me than this
Thrash Metal band..! - The_Raging_Calidonian_Bull

4 Little Cage

It's just a great song
In their album..

5 Skuld

"Crack It! This song is the prince of
It in this list no one said it's band"

6 Faultline

Seriously heavy stuff.

Voting for FAULTLINE it is just good
Like the TRENCHES but they both sounds good and better!

7 Crusher

This song is just wonderful as ever
Be to be concluded in this list..
.. Whats the Greatest!? CRUSHER...

8 Rivers Run

Just one of their GREATEST in their album VERSUS.
VERSUS is actually my Fave. Album of THE HAUNTED!

9 Imperial Death March

Radio effects makes
This songs much better to be
Included in this list!

10 Pieces

The Contenders

11 Bury Your Dead

Best song there is

12 99
13 D.O.A.

One of their best songs definitely

14 In Vein

The definition of Melodic Trash Metal.

15 The Reflection

My favorite metal song of all time

16 Moronic Colossus
17 The Exit

The first half of the song, no words can describe it's beauty.

18 God Is Dead

This is the black sabbath best song and I like hearing it because I like fear

19 Bloodletting
20 No Compromise

That chorus... That breakdown...

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