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21 Skullcandy Skullcrushers

They are just awesome! They come in awesome designs and are so comfortable! - winner333

22 Sennheiser HD 25

These are literally the best headphones I have experienced so far, in all aspects. Nothing beats them, not even the HD800 and not even some $1000+ headphones I have tried. The HD25 are about $170. Very solid build quality, all parts individually replaceable including the cable (! ), solid and sturdy plug that's not gonna break easily. Very thick and sturdy steel wires.
They sound extremely detailed and solid across the whole spectrum, no resonances, no annoying coloration of sound, all unlike in the beats. Very lush and relaxed treble, solid and accurate bass. Midrange is fantastic too, vocals sound very real.
Even the $400 beats pro and the beats studio look, sound and feel like a cheap toy compared to these.
I mean, just look at the cable and the plug of the beats. It's so thin it's a joke.
Forget beats or anything else over $250. Choose the HD25, you will love it!

23 Turtle Beach Ear Force X41

Turtle beaches are the ultimate BOMB, these head pumping rock style gaming headphones will blast ALL noise into your eardrums. With the added mic to their newest product is great over Skype too, but again... These are just for gaming for music I'm Beats all the way, but I have both so I don't have to worry.

24 Etymotic ER-4P

The ER-4P are THE king of ALL headphones. Sound is completely neutral and flat, very spacious and incredibly realistic. No exaggerated bass or treble. Plus they look cool, are incredibly comfy and nicely block all noise around you. Even the HD800 look and sound like a joke in comparison! - soap1999

25 Hifiman Shangri-La
26 MrSpeakers Ether
27 Sennheiser Orpheus
28 Focal Utopia
29 Soul SL300
30 Sol Republic Track HD

These are the best headphone I had ever had in my life they have great sound quality and are great for the price and I wouldn't waste my money on beats try aren't good enough for the price of them

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31 Beats Mixr

They are better than solos and look cooler

The best headphones ever made on planet earth
the sound quality is so awesome that you can't resist to not listening to them everyday
made to listen over parties!
Just awesome!

32 Sennheiser HD 180
33 Sennheiser Hd202 II

Best headphones under 30 $

Very clean, deep bass response, jack plug 3.5/6.3 mm stereo
Detachable ear cups for pro users
10 foot y style cable, frequency range : 18hz - 18khz, impedance: 32 ohm

34 Skullcandy Hesh

Awesome, pumped the base amazingly don't get any other headphones. Beats actually are super flimsy.

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35 Skullcandy Ink'd

Best earbuds ever, they put the sound in your ear and can be really hold and awesome, overall the best earbuds I have ever owned

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36 Skullcandy Titan
37 Koss Porta Pro

The most popular and legendary headphones from 1984!

38 Sennheiser Momentum

Got this a couple days ago and there outstanding for ios use. Great rich and overall sound. Clearly best Sennheisers for the price

39 Fanny Wang 2001 DJ

These ARE the best headphones ever because of their comfort feel sound and the option to control the bass which everyone wants to the max

With dual played titanium 50mm drivers, optional enhanced bass that is complimentary, not just loud, and the matte finish, these look and sound truly spectacular.

40 Turtle Beach Z11
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