BlueCross BlueShield


Blue Cross Blue Shield has consistently denied my post cancer PET scabs. It is a constant battle to get these tests approved. These tests offer far superior imaging and are critical for detection of reoccurring cancer during the first five years post treatment. This is a classic cost cutting move with no regard for human life. Absolutely shameful!

I'm an HR Director. Once we engaged BCBS, 99.8% of our claims were paid.
It's not considered a benefit if the employees don't consider it a benefit. Groups that don't pay claims reliably are perceived as "not a benefit".

I'm still receiving bills from them that are jacked up and I've been on a different health care system for a year and a half. The billing is worse then a person with a good imagination can conceive. I've never had a worse experience with billing in my life and I'm old.

I might just go with this company if my state Medicaid does not renew my coverage.

Had them before I lost my insurance (Obamacare tripled my rates. ) They were great, though. No worries when I went to the doctor, low deductibles, and nice people when I had to make a call about questions.

Blue cross is awesome. Unfortunately my company is switching to United Health Care. Not looking forward to it. It must be cheaper to administrate. Supposedly same coverage. We'll see how customer service is.

Me and my family have been using BCBS of North Dakota for several years. We have had absolutely NO problems. Considering we have five boys under 13 in the house, we have a LOT of accidents, some worse than others. This company has been great.

Horrible been having proms with billing since day one. huge headache wish I never went with them.

Have worked in health care. Because/BS is the best. Also have had this medical ins for years.

Blue cross and blue shield of Oklahoma covered almost everything that I needed and I am a diabetic so I have a lot of doctors visits and pharmacy visits. along with a lot of medication and testing supplies

Better than UnitedHealthCare because Blue Cross Blue Shield covers all of my prescriptions including the extremely expensive one while UnitedHealthCare only covered 1 drug - qwhx

The best insurance company ever! Covers pretty much everything, very low deductible, very reasonable maximum out-of-pocket, huge network of doctors and hospitals. Almost all like BCBS and never have or had problems.

They are really good. I have them for years.

The best insurance I have ever had

I have had because/bs all my live and now I'm retire still have it. Here in Alabama they have 85% of the state, if it was bad that number wouldn't be that high.

Always covered anything we needed medicaly. No problems with them.

I have BCBS. Through my work& I love it. Has been by far best insurrance I've had. Also very easy to find providers that accept blue cross blue shield.