Best Heart Albums


The Top Ten

1 Brigade
2 Dreamboat Annie

Amazing first album!

3 Heart
4 Jupiters Darling
5 Little Queen

Especially barracuda

6 Bebe Le Strange
7 Dog and Butterfly
8 Bad Animals

I find Bad Animals to be Heart's best album thanks to it's faithfulness to the classic Heart sound founded on Dreamboat Annie and Little Queen as well as it boasting the perfect evolution of Heart's more "80's Sound" first heard on Heart's 1985 self-titled album. Who Will You Run To, I Want You So Bad, There's The Girl and of course Heart's 2nd Number 1 Single - Alone, these are all nice examples of the latter while Bad Animals, You Ain't So Tough and Easy Target are prime examples of the former, finally, album boasts Wait For An Answer, RSVP and Strangers of the Heart, all three of which showcase both Ann and Nancy Wilson's vocal abilities better than any Heart Album to date in my opinion. In general, I find Bad Animals to be Heart's best offering because of it's variety, it is definitely everything one could ask for in a Heart album, regardless of which Heart "Sound" you perfer.

9 Passionworks
10 Magazine
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