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Oh my god. Totally amazing. I love the lyrics and love the way they're sung. How in the world are Invincible and Never Too Late before this? I mean, this song is... Perfect ;D

This song = perfection, I love these 4 boys more than anything, they have saved my life so many times. I live by the lyris on this song "i'm not perfect but I keep tryin cause that's what I said I would do from the start" and jakes voice is just incredible throughout the whole song! - Warrior

That song reminds me of myself because I was so arrogant how tough I am and most how good I look but I just realized that I am not so hot shot I was so it actually taught me a lot so thanks

This song is so powerful it has inspired me so much, it was also the first song of there's I even heared, love it so much.

Never Too Late

Never too late is there better song at all! It's the better song of this album and of all there others album! I understand why it is the first one! I hope Hedley will do others songs live this one.. ONE LOVE HEDLEY! ONE LOVE CANADIAN BAND!

This song brings so many memories when I was little. This song never gets old! Love it!

Amazingg! Such a positive song

Old School

This is the AWESOMEST hedley song ever! Can't believe it's not number 1! I love the lyrics! The sad thing is that it's not even SECOND place! The bottom line: BEST CANADIAN BAND EVER!

This song always makes me think of the old days... And makes me sad.

Am easing song screw perfect

The only Hedle song I like.


Cool you know, riveted me completely, love this song so much :x

I Wont Let You Go (Darling)

Absolutely my favourite song. Has over 600 plays on my iTunes. One of the most beautiful performances I've ever seen. He came on stage in a red piano covered in Christmas lights for the first song of their encore. Absolutely incredible.

I wont let you go, for the nights I can't remember, perfect,
I wish hedley would stick to their slower songs because they are beautiful. I can't believe they went so pop. I'm glad they still mix in some good quality songs like I wont let you go. So beautiful.

I wish more songs were like this. It's very hard to find good music, which has a longer duration than the norm. This is by far the best Hedley song in my opinion. I'd love to be serenaded by this...

Love this song!

For the Nights I Can't Remember

It's honestly my favourite song ever. It has so much background & meaning.

I really love this song, I used to hear it on the radio a lot when I was younger, and one day I decided to check it out. After that I realized how much I liked it and how much I like Hedley as well!

Awesome song. I absolutely love it. I don't understand how it isn't higher up on the list. I would put it at number 2, right under Perfect.

I've always loved hearing this song on the radio, and now I listen to it all the time. It's so good because you can tell how they really get into the song, it's just amazing

Kiss You Inside Out

Wow. Just amazing. I am breath taken! This song is just so different! I have never heard a song this beautiful! My heart just opens up to it! I love it! It should be number one! It's amazing!

They sound so different in a good way! This song is so awesome!

It's a really energetic song. The first time I heard it I touched my heart! Why is this song not number 1?!

I began listening to Hedley when I heard this song. Should be number 1


My favourite song of all time, has so much meaning.. Love it

Best rock song ever!


Only famous last words fans here.. What about the original album? Trip and this should be top ten hands down and storms is by far my favourite album.

This song is so meaningful, and the video is amazing. This should be number 1

One of their best songs

This song is so classy


I love this song so much it should definitely be higher on the list

This song should be number one! Always fight for the people you love. "we're better if we weather it all! "

This song is absolutely Perfect in every single way whether its about music, lyrics. Love Love it.

This song is so amazing! It has so much power and a person like me who is a softie cry off oc this type of song because it is absolutely perfect! It should definitely be number two on the list after PERFECT!

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On My Own

One of the best Hedley music piece in my opinion, I love the amount of energy in his voice when he sings this even visually in the music video you can see him rocking out. This is definitely one of the songs that get me all pumped up on about my day

What? Best song of hedley!



Love this song


The first time I listened to this, I could almost see them giving royal finger to the haters...

But seriously, this song deserves to be listened and loved, if not put farther up the list.

Obviously a lot of Canadian fans who are familiar with the discography. To me 'down under' in New Zealand THIS was the first song I heard of theirs - and I LOVE it!

Explicit or not.. this is really good! Deserves to be way up there. Hit with young kids.

Really? Why the heck is Anything at 17? Wow. I'm shocked! - Jetticus12


This song is so fun to sing along to and it'd definitely one of my favourites.

Shouldn't even be in top 25!

There are so many better songs:

Bullet for your Dreams, We are Unbreakable, Dying to Live Again, Heavens Gonna Wait, and many more.

Always has been my favourite ❤️❤️

Hands Up
Don't Talk to Strangers

This song just makes you want to dance. This song is absolutely hilarious in my opinion.

Love the video, so funny

Its just sooo good


Invincible! I agree 100%! Invincible has been my favorite song ever, for about a year now.

Best Hedley song out there. Simply fantastic

Amazing, catchy, and the perfect working-through-the-night song

How can ANYTHING by Hedley be before this...26? You gotta be kidding...

One Life

This song is inspiring

Heaven's Gonna Wait

Best song I've ever heard. ' amazing.

Best song ever. ' awesome.

Sweater Song

Total Ripoff of Weezer.

Lose Control

Loved it one of my favorite songs

Awesome song, really catchy

To repetitive

Perfect hedly song


Trip is my favourite Hedley song, but I'm not saying the rest aren't great either. I love the thought that went behind the lyrics in Trip. "Some say love is not for sinners, I believe that isn't true, cause when I was finished sinning, love came down and showed me you" was the lyric that got me hooked on this song immediately.

Yup best one guys like what's this doing way down here

This song rocks! Live in concert is even better

How is trip #25? This is the most amazing song ever

Pocket Full of Dreams

This song has been stuck in my head all day and I love it! I'm not sure if it's my favourite Hedley song, but it's definitely up there! I like how at the end the chorus changes to "I never found a shooting star and there's holes in my jeans..." etc, going back to reality, but still saying that he doesn't want anyone but (you).

Way underrated

Top 3 AT LEAST! Give it a listen ;D

Heard this while going to Pudding Edge, now I think about that place every time I hear this song

And... This is probably their most saddest songs


Why is this song so under-appreciated? It's amazing!

This song was my Kid Song When I fell inlove when I was a teen, Why is this So effen Low... Its like a low blow guys, Come on!

Crazy for You

How can you not love this song! So catchy and has got a great beat to it!

I love you hedley you're the best band ever GO HEDLEY

Simple but amazing and underrated.


This song is absolutely fantastic. The melody here is incredibly hopeful, and the joyous vocals only add to it.

Young and Stupid

Lemme hear this song I'M honestly dying.

Hand Grenade

I loved this song I don't get why it isn't in the top ten

Bullet for Your Dreams

Pretty much most underrated song ever

Great song really underrated.

We Are Unbreakable

FAvourite song off the album!

25! I'm outraged! Top Ten at least: I love this song: the way it starts is wonderful and the song has so much meaning throughout the song.

Anyone reading this: listen to We are Unbreakable!

1. We are Unbreakable
2. Invincible (yes I love these sort of songs)
3. Perfect
4. Stormy
5. Bullet for you Dreams

Wild Life

The heck? How can this song be so low on this chart. Listen to the lyrics damnit! Fantastic song "it's a jungle out there and my teeth are out, find a better place to be safe with me, in this wild world, it's a wild life." If anyone serenaded me with this, I'd be the happiest person ever!

How is this song not in the top ten at least? X

Heaven In Our Headlights
Hiding Place
She's So Sorry

I first heard this song four years ago, and I've yet to get sick of it! The guitar riff is AMAZING. You could really hear that they liked playing it!

Can't Slow Down

Best song ever

Not the best but DEFININTELY top 10. One of the best songs on the album.

Hot Mess
Sugar Free

Why isn't this song on here?! It should be in the top 10 hands down

Bone Shatter (Never Say Never)


Color Outside the Lines

good stuff

Last Call

Even the beautiful lose control...

Don't quit the song after hearing the first 15 seconds, it get reaally good, I promise

3, 2, 1
Brave New World

One of my favourites for sure


Underrated, should be top 20.

Dreaming's for Sleeping
I'm on Fire
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