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21 Trip

Trip is my favourite Hedley song, but I'm not saying the rest aren't great either. I love the thought that went behind the lyrics in Trip. "Some say love is not for sinners, I believe that isn't true, cause when I was finished sinning, love came down and showed me you" was the lyric that got me hooked on this song immediately.

Yup best one guys like what's this doing way down here

This song rocks! Live in concert is even better

How is trip #25? This is the most amazing song ever

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22 Lose Control

Loved it one of my favorite songs

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23 Pocket Full of Dreams

This song has been stuck in my head all day and I love it! I'm not sure if it's my favourite Hedley song, but it's definitely up there! I like how at the end the chorus changes to "I never found a shooting star and there's holes in my jeans..." etc, going back to reality, but still saying that he doesn't want anyone but (you).

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24 Amazing

This song was my Kid Song When I fell inlove when I was a teen, Why is this So effen Low... Its like a low blow guys, Come on!

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25 Crazy for You

How can you not love this song! So catchy and has got a great beat to it!

I love you hedley you're the best band ever GO HEDLEY

Simple but amazing and underrated.

26 Hello

This song is absolutely fantastic. The melody here is incredibly hopeful, and the joyous vocals only add to it.

27 Young and Stupid

Lemme hear this song I'M honestly dying.

28 Hand Grenade

I loved this song I don't get why it isn't in the top ten

29 Bullet for Your Dreams

Pretty much most underrated song ever

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30 We Are Unbreakable

FAvourite song off the album!

25! I'm outraged! Top Ten at least: I love this song: the way it starts is wonderful and the song has so much meaning throughout the song.

Anyone reading this: listen to We are Unbreakable!

1. We are Unbreakable
2. Invincible (yes I love these sort of songs)
3. Perfect
4. Stormy
5. Bullet for you Dreams

31 Wild Life

The heck? How can this song be so low on this chart. Listen to the lyrics damnit! Fantastic song "it's a jungle out there and my teeth are out, find a better place to be safe with me, in this wild world, it's a wild life." If anyone serenaded me with this, I'd be the happiest person ever!

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32 Hiding Place
33 She's So Sorry

I first heard this song four years ago, and I've yet to get sick of it! The guitar riff is AMAZING. You could really hear that they liked playing it!

34 Heaven In Our Headlights
35 Hot Mess
36 Sugar Free

Why isn't this song on here?! It should be in the top 10 hands down

37 Bone Shatter (Never Say Never)


38 Can't Slow Down

Not the best but DEFININTELY top 10. One of the best songs on the album.

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39 Color Outside the Lines

good stuff

40 Last Call
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