Best Heights for a Man

What do you think is the most suitable height for a human adult male? The heights are in feet & inches.

The Top Ten Best Heights for a Man

1 5'10"

I'm going to be this height

This is about average height for a man.

This my height and I'm 14, I think I'll be 6'2 when I grow up

I'm 5'10" and I'm only 15

2 5'9"

This is my height, and I'm just 13. I'm gonna keep growing till I'm 6'3. - McKing1003

That's too short

3 5'7"

Well people say 5'7 too short and bla bla bla. But don't forget that Legends like Al Pacino, Bradman, Messi, Robin Williams etc are all 5'7. They proved that heights don't matter. What matters is talents and skills.

This height is so perfect for a man. I am 5'1" and no matter how high my heels are, I'll never be taller than him. And also he's not too tall for me to where our hugs feel awkward or my neck hurts when we kiss.

What that's short

I am 15 and I am 5'7.5(171cm). But that doesn't matter because in my country the average height is only 5'6.

4 6'2"

Ayyy, this is my height! - XannyPhvntxm

It's my height, I'm 15 now and I don't' want to be taller.

This is how tall I am, and I already feel tall now. Plus, I'm 16. Therefore, I am tall for my age.

I thought my height would be much lower down the list. - Twix

5 5'11"

This is my height! - Userguy44

This is my height. I think it's a good height for a man.

6 6'0"

The height I'm gonna be in the future

John Cena's height

This is my height. And it's perfect. - Kiteretsunu

I think this is the right kind of hight for man - dylangerleibold

7 6'4"

This is my height, and it's useful because I'm visible, but I do have trouble fitting in cars and beds. - PositronWildhawk

This is approximately the height of Tom Sellock on Magnum PI.

This is my height and I'm 13. How tall will I be when I grow up o_o

8 5'8"

5'8" is a decent height because you're tall enough to stand next to someone 5'11" & not look like a joke, someone 5'10" can't see over you, & you can kiss, & have sex with most women without it being awkward. You're taller than most women as well(5'3/5'6).

Is a really nice height for someone of my height. - Britgirl

9 6'8"
10 8'11"

The height of the tallest man in the world. - Solacress

God you mean more than 2.70 meters

That's how tall Robert Wadlow was

The Contenders

11 6'1"

That's My Hight. AND I'M 14! - Rainbowkid38

Good height for wearing bands' shirts! m/

12 6'3"

I AM 63

I'm 6'1 and I'm 16 I wish I could be 6'4

I'm 6'1 but I wanna be 6'2-6'3 :(

13 5'4"

I know exactly who added this *smirks* - XannyPhvntxm

This is my height and if u disagree u have unintelligent - AlphaQ

This is my height therefore is good and yall wrong lolololol - AlphaQ

14 6'5"

Best height

15 6'7"
16 5'5"

Hello. I'm neither short nor tall. Okay bye. - Cyri

5'5" is not really short for a woman - it's average height for a woman.

My dad did a test on me. He says I'm gonna grow until this height so this seems really good. - AlphaQ

This is really short. Even for a woman.

17 7'2"

I don't think I can imagine this. Being 6'4" is tall enough. - PositronWildhawk

18 5'6"

I'm 5'1 and my man is 5'6. He's so cute and I absolutely love his height. It's perfect for me.

19 6'6"
20 5'2"

That's my height. Being this height is awesome because it's easy to move around. I'm also easily the lightest person in my grade. - AlphaQ

21 5'0"
22 5'3"
23 6'10"
24 6'11"
25 7'0''
26 4'5"
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