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261 Anton Testino, Season 12

I agree with him being on the list, he is an honorable mention. I know he made 8th and went downwards but he really was a very talented chef. He lead well, had determination, passion and talent. I feel his arrogance got the best of him though.

May have been a bit arrogant near the end but in the beginning he was a very talented chef and a decent leader. Did not deserve to take eight place. He should have at least outlasted Gabriel.

A bit arrogant? He was very arrogant towards the middle and the end! If he didn't have that awful attitude, he probably would have gotten further and he would then deserve a spot on this list.

It's not how you start in this competition it's how you finish


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262 Raj Brandston, Season 8

Raj was a legend! His performance in Hell's Kitchen was completely flawless! I would even go as far as to say his skills in the kitchen exceeded those of Ramsay himself! Whenever someone on his team had messed up, Raj was always there to help out, fix the problem, and keep his team on track. Nothing bad ever came out of the kitchen from Raj, and Ramsay was always impressed with all the hard work and contributions to the blue team coming from Raj. He didn't get along very well with his team though, but we all know that's because his amazing skills had his whole team going insane with jealousy, despite the rest of the blue team not wanting to admit it. It's a shame Ramsay eliminated him from the show so soon, all because he thought Raj was too good and wanted the other chefs to have a fair shot at the prize. In short, Raj is definitely a chef we should all look up to.

He is the funniest contestants in hell's kitchen.

Raj is the best thing to ever happen to all of us, the viewers, Chef Ramsay etc. I really feel like he should have another shot, this time with a portable fridge so he can put his head in it whenever he gets stressed.

raj farted

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