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21 Anthony Rodriguez, Season 11

To this day, I never understood why Anthony got eliminated over Zach. He was consistent, funny, and hard-working. The only bad thing about him is that he has a bad palate.

I'll never understand why Jon even nominated him over Zach in the first place. Sure, Anthony struggled in the beginning of the service, but he bounced back and was more consistent overall. Zach, on the other hand, only continued to go on a downward spiral, and in that service, not only did he struggle, but he also kept making excuses for his poor performance. - ResistOppression

Probably the only other guy in the season deserving of a black jacket.

Zach should have gone home before Anthony. Never made excuses for himself and bounced back on services. Season would have been dull without him.

This guy needed a black jacket. Zac was awful and had a bad attitude. Anthony actually cared.

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22 Ralph Pagano, Season 1

Ralph should have won this season, hands-down. Michael slipped through the cracks and back-stabbed his way to the win.

Ralph for sure was the better chef in season one my favorite all time Hell's Kitchen chef

Talented guy if michael wasnt there he woud have won.

Raplh sabatoged Andrew though

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23 Bobby Anderson, Season 4

He had a awesome spirit. He was a good cook.
And when he left it proves how good of a cook he was
" I came into hells kitchen with my joy and I'm going to leave with my joy"

Four star General black Gordon Ramsay

His attitude is inspiring and he was always such a joy

He kept Petrozza from giving up. And is definitely a good cook! We need more contestants like General Bobby!

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24 Elsie Ramos, Season 1

Didn't have any experience in a restaurant, ends up in final 4. That's very impressive!

Really love her spirit. She is a legend, able to recreate food just by watching. And she's got so much passion to her. Real Gutted to see that she's got to leave but I think Maybe Gordan Ramsey sees the stress she's under.

Elsie was a great chef with a good personality. She told Chef Ramsay that her team helped her even when they did not. They did not help her on purpose.

Most respectable female non-finalist contestant to ever set foot in Hell's Kitchen

25 Ji Cha, Season 5

Ji was one of the best on Season 5. But her injured ankle unfortunately took her out of the competition but she got to keep her jacket which was awesome. She should return for any future season of Hell's Kitchen!

She was great! Too bad she was injured, she should come back for season 12

Ji was a beast, but too bad she got injured very early into the competition.

If it weren't for her ankle she would have won easily. As soon as she presented her signature dish you could tell she was Ramsay's immediate favorite.

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26 Christina Machamer, Season 4

Was the underdog right from the beginning, having more foes than friends. Ultimately she was able to beat the odds and conquer the Season 4 winner's title. - jimmy12lee

She was targeted more then I've seen any other Chef targeted, and she still won! There is also the fact that she won more challenges then any other Chef in Hell's Kitchen history.

Also Barbie takes the throne of being the most targeted chef nowadays

Not exactly Ja'Nel won allot more challenges than she did

27 Ariel Contreras-Fox, Season 6

I would say by far the best on the red team even though she had a lot of problems with some of the meat (especially lamb/venison)

28 Randy Bell - Season 14

Could have been one of the top contenders, but instead pulled up a Sarah-like meltdown in the latter episodes and was a disaster in the final service, nearly costing Meghan the win.

29 Rochelle Bergman, Season 12

There were a lot of awful contestants in season 12. Rochelle wasn't one of them. Kinda surprised she didn't make it to the finals.

A great attitude goes a long way. With some more restaurant experience, she would have at least made the final 2.

Very calm after cutting of her finger

She was the nicest contestant ever

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30 Holli Ugalde, Season 7

Such a shame she couldn't get a visa to travel to London. She was great.

One of the hottest chefs on the show.

31 Autumn Lewis, Season 7

Very intelligent and hard-working. She wasn't my favourite but I think she deserved that black jacket.

32 Vinny Accardi Jr, Season 8

Too bad he had his famous downfall in the latter half of the episodes where he competed. Because he had what it takes to win the competition prior to becoming a bad chef from episodes 8-10!

Good cook and good attitude and the funniest chef there
And his hair pure amazing

Agreed could cook and was unlucky because Russell threw him under the bus

33 Paul Niedermann, Season 9

How come Paul, the winner is ranked lower than Steven the first chef eliminated by Chef Ramsey (that means I don't include Jason's medical emergency)?

Okay, maybe Will did deserve to win, but Paul being 65th is pretty bull to me. - VultureOnAcid

Great chef. I loved it when Jennifer told him she had a crush on him

This list is messed up he's below chefs when he literally won season 9

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34 Jackie Fuchs, Season 15

She should not be on the best list. Jackie cooks for only three months, she has her fight back personality, and performed well in the final dinner service with Ariel. I do admit her progress. Unfortunately, she had problems at the beginning of the show, fighting with Kristin, and even disrespecting Christina. However, she does improve herself during the show.

Are you kidding me? Jackie was probably the WORST contestant in Hell's Kitchen history: Acts tough, can't cook to save her life, and is very unprofessional. This must be a troll.

She says she's only been cooking for three months?!? WHAT?!? however I do admire her fight back personality but she sometimes can be very rude.

She was awful, should not be on this list - dubs35

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35 Jim McGloin, Season 6

Agree with the two comments, but he shouldn't be on the list or at least not that high (he is as of now ranked higher that the winners of seasons 7, 8, 9, 12 and 13). He was eliminated even before Amanda and Suzanne and eliminated early enough that we has not part of one of the finalist's dinner service teams.

How come Jim is ranked higher than Ariel? Jim was mediocre at best and even had sous-chef Scott to bail him out while Ariel was the best from the Red Team by a mile.

How come Jim is ranked higher than Ariel? Jim was mediocre at best and even had sous-chef Scott to bail him out while Ariel was the best from the Red Team by a mile.

He is also ranked higher than Jillian who was way better than her

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36 Van Hurd, Season 6

This guy is crapping bats insane

He has a big heart, a ton of charisma & a fantastic sense of humour. Bottom line, Van was awesome!

This guy was not only a great chef, but a very funny guy! He's my favorite contestant from Season 6 along with Dave and Kevin.

I'm never able to hear him talk with out laughing so hard! He's also a great example of
"don't judge a book by its cover"

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37 Jason Zepaltas, Seasons 9 & 12

When you talk about pure passion, this guy is hands down #1. He couldn't cook in the first service for the ninth season, which sucks. Because he was dehydrated, he was off the show. But, HE CAME BACK! He came back because he still wanted the position. Talk about determination.

I was so sad when he lost to Scott because no one had more passion than him. He really wanted it, but didn't end up getting it. It was heartbreaking. No one was better than him and that's why I think he should be higher on the list.

He is a great chef, many people think that had a terrible attitude, but he display that attitude with persons like mike and sandra, who are useless contestants. He was very consistent and it suprised me that he didn't win hell's kitchen 12 considering that he made a big comeback after he left season 9 because of a dehydration. He is a great chef and should be higher than rochelle.

He had great personality. My brother and I would just laugh when he'd scream, get mad, and do his evil laugh... dam he deserved the title more than Scott.

One of the best chefs what sucks is the fact he couldn't cook in the first service in season 9 but in season 12 he was awesome... too bad he lost to scott though

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38 Heidi Parent, Season 16
39 Nona Sivley, Season 8

Good Palate, but I think Jillian deserves to win more than her. - ndog

Best palate and knew how to run a kitchen.

Lost a lot weight

40 Milly Medley, Season 14

Top 4 in a very strong season. Could easily have won some of the previous seasons.

Very talented, hard-working, and has a lot of passion. If he ended up in season 15, I think he could have easily won.

He got a perfect score on the blind taste test

MILLY FROM PHILLY - spodermanfan1000

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