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41 Van Hurd, Season 6

This guy is crapping bats insane

He has a big heart, a ton of charisma & a fantastic sense of humour. Bottom line, Van was awesome!

This guy was not only a great chef, but a very funny guy! He's my favorite contestant from Season 6 along with Dave and Kevin.

I'm never able to hear him talk with out laughing so hard! He's also a great example of
"don't judge a book by its cover"

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42 Brian Merel, Season 10

One of the funniest contestants!

With Robyn's downfall, Brian should've been the 6th place finisher with the black jacket, not her.

He should have gone much further than he had


43 Christine Hazel, Season 14

Already nominated for elimination three times in seven services. Raw salmon, raw eggplant and screwed up lentils. Like Sarah, good on challenges but terrible in services. If it wasn't for Sarah's sudden nosedive she would have been gone already. So definitely should not be in this list

WHAT! Christine is good in challenges but she sucks hardcore in dinner service, she should NOT be on here!

Why Christine? She's very inconsistent in services.

44 Milly Medley, Season 14

Top 4 in a very strong season. Could easily have won some of the previous seasons.

Very talented, hard-working, and has a lot of passion. If he ended up in season 15, I think he could have easily won.

He got a perfect score on the blind taste test

MILLY FROM PHILLY - spodermanfan1000

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45 Bonnie Muirhead, Season 3

Such a strong, sweet personality. So humble in defeat at the finals. Shes an inspiration!

A nanny making it to the finals? How can that not be impressive? - Conhill389

She was actually the FIRST contestant to get a perfect score on the blind taste test, it was only 3/3 but the point is we shouldn't be blocking this off!

46 Virginia Dalbeck, Season 2

To this date, I still cannot figure out how she made it into the final two. I thought for sure she would have been voted off the first time she made a huge mistake in the kitchen. Nope! Even after being nominated every single time for screwing something up, she still got chance after chance (obviously everyone else saw something fishy going on, as she was the only contestant I saw Ramsay have that much of a soft spot for). She could do no wrong, and the excuse given was that she had this amazing "palate" that couldn't be beat, yet she couldn't even do the most basic skills in the kitchen. This doesn't mean I don't think she's a good chef, but I have watched other chefs make just one mistake and get the boot. Something just didn't add up, unless they kept her for the ratings.

Very honest true persons never try to be someone else or screw over people and not the best cook but got that thing than most people don't

She was probably the hottest contestants on Hell's kitchen

Should have been eliminated over Maribel

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47 Cyndi Stanimirov, Season 11

She was one of the reasons why the red team was so strong that season.

Strong contender

She and Jon deserved to win more than anyone.

She is great chef, I would rather see her as the runner-up and losing to jon. Jon and cyndi were better than the drug addict of Ja'nel and miss piggy (Mary). Jon and Cyndi were the best of season 11

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48 La Tasha McCutchen, Season 13

I think she has a pretty good chance of winning. She's a great leader, has a great attitude, and overall, she's been doing a great job so far.

She should be in the top 10 she carried her team, was extremely consistent, and hardly got called out by Ramsey ever.

Nah, Bryant or Sade should have won. La Tasha made to many mistakes and she is dumb! Proof? Grilled Watermelon was her signature - spodermanfan1000

So, you're basing her whole performance off her one bad signature dish? Mind telling me the "too many" mistakes she made? All I remember were her serving raw salmon in one episode and overcooked scallops in another. Other than that, she was the most consistent performer, and she overall led her team better than Bryant did. - HanSolo69

She should be in the top 10. One of the best competitors ever to walk in to hells kitchen

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49 Paulie Giganti, Season 16

Usually excellent in challenges, but SCREWED up big time in services.

Too bad he died

1st male chef to receive a full 5 points for his signature dish!

50 Melanie Finch, Season 12

One of the best chefs in season 12 in my opinion.

Such an underrated chef - arnoldman66

I thought she was gonna win. It sucked she didn't make it to the finale.

Such a cutie

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51 Joseph Tinnelly, Season 6

He wasn't the best on a skill level, but you can say he made quite a spectacle of himself. Oddly, he to me was one of the more entertaining contestants because of his stupidity. - MKBeast

They can speak for themselves, they know who they are. What kind of idiot says that to Gordon Ramsay, worst chef ever

Why did you say he was a bad chef?

I ain't no bitch!

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52 Hassan Musselmani, Season 15

Seems like he could easily win the whole competition. Too bad he isn't gonna last much longer, believe it or not. (There was a clip in one of the teasers that leaked the top 10 and Hassan wasn't among that 10)

Joe had 3 bad services in a row, hassan only had 1, and who gets eliminated...HASSAN!?

Hassan was one of the best chefs in his season. I can't believe they kept Jackie over him!

Good chef

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53 Natalie Blake, Season 9

Probably one of at least 2 chefs that deserved to have the black jacket more than Elise. She actually boosted the sad-sacked Blue Team after the team transfer.

She moved into the blue team with great attitude

Better than Elise

Upvote. After she move to the Blue team, I never ever seen the blue team so attach together.

54 Trev McGrath, Season 8

A ridiculously underrated contestant from season 8 that overcame all expectations and constantly beat the odds considering he lacked true executive chef experience

A very underrated contestant

I don't know what the hate on Trev is about.

Good chef the girls hated him through

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55 Ben Walanka - Season 5

He honestly has the biggest heart.

The real deal!

No he is an annoying, in denial, and a backstabber which I was so surprised that he got a black jacket. - spodermanfan1000

56 Sabrina Brimhall, Season 8

Is this some kind of joke? Who in their right mind would ever think about putting Sabrina on this list?!

It's an even bigger joke she's in the top 50

She is determined but that's about it that's acceptable about her. Gail, Jillian, Nona, Vinnie, and some more are way better. But Lisa and Raj are not as good. - spodermanfan1000

It's Vinny not Vinnie from season 3 and Sabrina was a strong cook with 6 montgs of experience but her attitude was spoilt but she did get a little better

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57 Dana Cohen, Season 10

She Was A good chef and should have been on the finale

Yes, she was a good chef, but being in the finale? I don't think so. She definitely wasn't better than Christina or Justin. - ResistOppression

Dana started off great didn't have much of a voice, than she gained it and there was no stopping her...until she got eliminated - spodermanfan1000

58 Dannie Harrison, Season 15

Was a bit too early to add her to the list I think. Lost all respect for her on episode 5

At first she was one of my top picks, then I absolutely hated her. Now, I think she's starting to pull herself back together. Here's to hoping she comes out stronger than ever by the end.

Why is she on here, and at 31 no less? She's delusional and sucks in service!

She has her talent, but in the finals she just abandoned the kitchen

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59 Chad Gelso, Season 15

He seems like a very promising contestant so far. Let's just hope his performance doesn't start slipping later in the season.

It's a real shame he went on a downward spiral and couldn't recover. He was one of my top picks when the season began.

Was scared he was going to get the Hassan treatment, but he seems like he's here to stay. - VultureOnAcid

One of the only people in his season I was actually able to root for

60 Jared Bobkin, Season 15

He is an amazing chef who is a badass on every level, and I'm rooting for him to win Hell's Kitchen.

He's been struggling in the previous two episodes, but he has gracefully bounced back this week. - VultureOnAcid

Hope he doesn't get the Alison treatment next week. - VultureOnAcid

Come on man! He sucked!

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