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61 Joy Parham-Thomas, Season 12

Such a shame she quit... She threw away her strong chance of winning. (sigh)

She probably would've won if she hadn't quit in the middle of service.

I think most likely she'll win this season.

I too thought she would win at first, but I don't think anyone expected that she would quit just like that.

Should've won... Simple

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62 Tennille Middleton, Season 6

She started out awful, but then became much better.

Actually, let me rephrase that: She started out horrible, but then she improved greatly as the season progressed, and turned out to be one of the top contenders of season 6.

63 Tommy Stevens, Season 9

Rock and Roll Chef!

I'd appreciate it if you took him seriously.

Good cook but bad chef

64 Josh Wahler, Season 3

Josh didn't even had a good service before been kicked out in the middle of service for wasting spaghetti ad infinitum as well as serving raw risotto so he certainly doesn't deserve a top 50 ranking. I would probably not even have him on this list

The heck? He was the most inconsistent chef ever. Along with Andrew (season 1), Fran (season 7), Gabriel (season 12), Jackie (season 15), and Paulie (season 16).

Josh should not be on here!

Your having a laugh. when he got kicked out it made me laugh so much. One of the funniest things I've ever seen on YouTube.

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65 Torrece "T" Gregoire, Season 14

T for "Terrific" is definitely true. She ran the pass very well. Very impressive. - ndog

"It's just suddenly donned what T stands for: Terrific" -Gordon Ramsay

T was the most consistent and the most composed and steady of season 14. Probably the best runner up so far.

T was the best runner up since Mary from season 11.

66 Michelle Tribble, Season 14

She only had 4 years experience coming into Hell's Kitchen, yet she kicked ass during her stay!

If she was in season 15, she would have easily won.

67 Lacey D'Angelo - Season 5

She's like another Gina season 11 - LRMendheim1992

Best? Apart from Raj shes arguably the worst.

Lacey was a bad chef and had an annoying attitude. - spodermanfan1000

Ha ha ha... Very funny

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68 Fran Klier, Season 7
69 Ashley Nickell, Season 15
70 Kristin Barone, Season 15

Very amazing competitor, and a very deserving finalist.

She should have won

71 Manda Palomino, Season 15

Being a business owner I will hire a person who has a better than average knowledge of the job but who has the right attitude and desire to constantly learn more to be the best before I will hire someone who thinks they are the best. Manda shows all the makings of a top chef. Ramsey has to be not thinking if she does not win. Look beyond the the cooking stations and see the top chef.. Manda.

Manda is a fabulous Chef; unfortunately her team mate is constantly throwing her under the bus and has repeatedly said how much he hates her; which makes it exceedingly difficult for her to truly shine.

She does get unfairly criticized but she remains focused and doesn't get rattled under extreme pressure! She appears to know what she is doing and she doesn't make dumb mistakes like many others.

A very underrated contestant along with trev. They both kick ass. I would love to have an awesome mom like her. - ndog

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72 Kimberly Roth, Season 16

I love way Kimberly talks and I love her impressions. Her hair is so beautiful and she is hot! She should win.

Nah, Ryan, Heather, Heidi, and Paulie are way better. - spodermanfan1000

Paulie was definitely not better than Kimberly. At least Kimberly had some success pulling herself together when she started to struggle. Once Paulie started falling apart in a dinner service, he never recovered and only got worse. Also, Kimberly can at least own up to her mistakes. Paulie's way too arrogant to even do that. - ResistOppression

73 Koop Wynkoop, Season 16 V 1 Comment
74 Jennifer Normant, Season 9

Intelligent and mature chef in the red team

If they would have nominated Tommy (who also had a bad service (and more food returned as well than Jennifer) and had more bad services than Jennifer), Elise would have been eliminated and maybe could had a better chance of been a bigger threat to Paul than Elise in the next-to-last service.

She probably could have gotten further if Elise didn't convince Paul and Will to put her on the chopping block.

Yeah, Jennifer worked hard, only to be stabbed in the back later on

Jennifer would've made Final 2 if she just didn't clam up during that Final 5 dinner service.

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75 Julia Williams, Season 3

How is she not in the top 10? She was the sweetest lady in the red team in Season 3, and she sure as hell could cook. Short order cook destroyed more than half the competition; Ramsay should have let her keep her jacket; she deserved it.

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76 Rosann Fama, Season 4

She really only had one good service in all. The undercooked steak to the birthday girl in which Chef did the re-fire for her in a good indicator that she should have not been on this list. Also with Jen, the backstabbing on Christina in episode 5 also shows her evilness.

WHAT? Why is she in the top 100 while Gail which made it to the top 5 and got a black jacket and she is only number 114. But ROSANN! She was annoying! Sharon was annoying and didn't care for the team but Rosann was annoying, clueless, dumb, and a donkey. Glad that Rosann left she was awful. - spodermanfan1000

Rosann should NOT be on here because she constantly panicked, was an outright mess and was very annoying at times


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77 Louross Edralin, Season 4

Should have been in the final six instead of Matt or Jen.

Louross went hero to zero sadly I wanted him to get a black jacket. - spodermanfan1000

78 Elise Wims, Season 9

Who the hell thought it would be a good idea to put Elise on this list?!

Elise is annoying. She just destroyed Carrie for some reason. Yes, Carrie was annoying some times cause she didn't pay attention but Elise didn't give her a break. Elise would just constantly give her team an attitude. To Carrie, to Krupa, to Jennifer, to Will, to Paul, to Tommy, and many more contestants. - spodermanfan1000

She was painful to watch. A crybaby, worse than Sabrina from season 8. Jennifer should have left after her than before her. - spodermanfan1000

Hate her she was a moaning complaining barbie doll slut

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79 Aaron Song, Season 3

Despite being a weak chef, he brought joy and laughs to his team. RIP Aaron. - ndog

I really don't think he should be on here. Sure, he was funny and had a big heart, but he was completely useless in services.

Sorry I forgot to write his last name.

Shouldn't be on the list

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80 Chino Chang, Season 9

Who the hell put Chino on this list?! This guy can't cook anything!

Take him off this list right now!

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