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81 Koop Wynkoop, Season 16

Good Chef

82 Rosann Fama, Season 4

She really only had one good service in all. The undercooked steak to the birthday girl in which Chef did the re-fire for her in a good indicator that she should have not been on this list. Also with Jen, the backstabbing on Christina in episode 5 also shows her evilness.

WHAT? Why is she in the top 100 while Gail which made it to the top 5 and got a black jacket and she is only number 114. But ROSANN! She was annoying! Sharon was annoying and didn't care for the team but Rosann was annoying, clueless, dumb, and a donkey. Glad that Rosann left she was awful. - spodermanfan1000

Rosann should NOT be on here because she constantly panicked, was an outright mess and was very annoying at times


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83 Louross Edralin, Season 4

Should have been in the final six instead of Matt or Jen.

Louross went hero to zero sadly I wanted him to get a black jacket. - spodermanfan1000

84 Aaron Song, Season 3

Despite being a weak chef, he brought joy and laughs to his team. RIP Aaron. - ndog

I really don't think he should be on here. Sure, he was funny and had a big heart, but he was completely useless in services.

Sorry I forgot to write his last name.

Shouldn't be on the list

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85 Chino Chang, Season 9

Who the hell put Chino on this list?! This guy can't cook anything!

Take him off this list right now!

86 Patrick Cassata, Season 10
87 Barret Beyer, Season 11
88 Frank Bilotti, Season 13

He was just a friendly guy overall, he was also a great chef.

89 Adam Livow, Season 14

Got out way to early.

90 Wendy Mendez, Season 16
91 Mary Ellen Daniels, Season 1

She made mistakes often but she was determined I think that she shouldn't have left before...Andrew... - spodermanfan1000

Why is she on here?

She was one of the better contestants in the first season. She's also gorgeous.

92 Jason Ellis - Season 7
93 Corey Earling, Season 4

That was mostly in the first few episodes until she and Christina united to try to eliminate Jen. Other than that she was actually performing better than Christina (but not better then Petrozza) except her last two services.

Who the hell put Corey on here!? She's a scumbag!

She was actually the best chef in the season

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94 Gail Novenario, Season 8

One of the very few likable contestants in season 8

Gail made a lot of mistakes but she fought back I thought that she would at least get to the finale. She is very like able. - spodermanfan1000

ONE OF THE BEST CHEF IN SEASON 8! Even Nona though so as she was the first pick in Nona's brigade.

Jillian won't stop talking about her (in the bad way) it's like she's obsessed with Gail. by the way Gail was a good chef.

95 Susan Heaton, Season 11

Why is she on list she can't cook lamb.

Shouldn' be on here.

She shouldn't be on here all she did was laugh her way through the competition until she finally got eliminated.

96 Bryant Gallaher, Season 13

Whoever put Bryant on here needs to watch episode 10!

97 Josh Trovato, Season 14

When I added him to this list, that was near the beginning of the season when I thought he was going to be one of the top contenders. As of now, I regret putting him on this list. He's arrogant, full of himself, and didn't live up to all the hype everyone was giving him before the season.

Was it a bit premature to add him? Had a pretty rough service in episode 6. I'm pretty sure after episode 7 - based on the preview, he is going to be quickly added to the other list (unless it is staged)

Josh reminds me of sabrina from season 8 and Alison reminds me of Vinny from season 8

One of the most likable contestants! People definitely missunderstood him. He knew what he wasn't doing and was so entertaining!

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98 Coi Burruss, Season 5

I interject with this one. She never really did anything THAT impressive during her stay, and she performed badly in a few services. Just watch episode 6. She couldn't even cook a burger!

She also couldn't even cook shrimp, pancakes and spaghetti!

Lacy should have been sent home. Coi was one of the best in season 5. They made a mistake sending her home.

99 Vanessa Gunnell, Season 4

Why Vanessa, sure she had good moments but she had some BAD moments, REALLY BAD moments and for a 31 year old woman she got very emotional over small things

100 Carol Scott, Season 5

Shouldn't be on here

Should've been sent home over LA

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