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101 Bret Hauser, Season 14

Yes his attitude sucks but never been nominated for elimination, and he is a strong chef

He was a good chef. Won't deny that. But his attitude was what turned me off from adding him to the list.

102 Stacey Slichta, Season 7
103 Tavon Hubbard, Season 10

That guy is a fake.

104 Barret Beyer, Season 11
105 Brian Santos, Season 13
106 Steve Rosenthal, Season 13 V 1 Comment
107 Janai Simpson, Season 13
108 Michael Dussault, Season 14

Michael was an amazing performer throughout the show. He had the incredulous talent of shoving hot pans down kitchen stoves.

109 Vinnie Fama, Season 3
110 Sherkenna Buggs, Season 15

I don't think she should be on here. She did poorly in challenges and couldn't cook an arctic char.

Oh hell no! She can't even cook fish. Period. - ndog

111 Meese Davis, Season 15

A black jacket? Over Jared no less?! HA! At least Jared did really well in the beginning and didn't start sucking until the middle of the season. Meese was a trainwreck since the moment she entered the competition!

I was so mad when Meese got eliminated, definitely deserved black jacket more than Jared.

112 Frank Cala, Season 15

He should not be on here he can't cook and his attitude sucks. He should've went home instead of Meese

113 Shaina Hayden, Season 16 V 1 Comment
114 Wendy Mendez, Season 16
115 Genaro Delillo, Season 16

Why is he on the list he was the worst competitor at the beginning

116 Devin Simpson, Season 16

He is the most mature on the blue team so far. The rest of those guys suck. - ndog

117 Aaron Smock, Season 16
118 Steven Paluba, Season 9

The person who've named him probably misread Worst for Best, because he was utter crap. Not knowing to cook scallops properly certainly doesn't merit a spot in this list and even moreso when you are the first eliminated by Ramsey (if excluding Jason's withdrawal for health reasons)

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119 Rachel Brown, Season 2

She was one of the hardest working contestants ever in Hell's Kitchen.

120 Kimmie Willis, Season 10 V 1 Comment
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