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141 Zach Womack, Season 11

Whoever put Zach on here needs to watch more than the first few episodes of season 11.

I liked his perseverance on the first few episode, that was amazing. But then he turned into a right prick.

He was kinda okay but not that much

Amusing prick could cook as well

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142 Ray Alongi, Season 11

Why Ray? His performance on the show was sub par.

143 Michael Langdon, Season 11 V 2 Comments
144 Brad Miller, Season 3

A very talented chef. I don't know how he didn't make it to the black jackets. Josh should have gone home instead.

This guy deserved a black jacket.

This guy is cool. He definitely deserved a black jacket more than Josh. - ndog

145 Garrett Telle, Season 2
146 Amanda Giblin, Season 11
147 Jacqueline Baldassari, Season 11

Shouldn't be on here...

148 Sabrina Gresset, Season 6
149 Nilka Hendricks - Season 7

She was a great chef, but sadly, she royally screwed up on the fish station during her last service.

150 Andrew Bonito, Season 1

Why the hell is Andrew on here? Not only is he a crap cook, but he's also incredibly confrontational!

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151 Richard Mancini, Season 12
152 Jessica Lewis, Season 11
153 Monterray Keys, Season 9

Euh, he flunked the test, why would he be in the list? And the F-Bomb to Scott is another reason that he shouldn't be in.

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154 Jonathon Plumley, Season 9 V 2 Comments
155 Sarah Baumert, Season 14

Shouldn't be on here. Like Christine, she's good in challenges, but a total disaster in services.

156 Chris Carrero, Season 10

Stop putting crap contestants on this list!

Why is he here? - ndog

157 Gina Aloise, Season 11 V 1 Comment
158 Brendan Heavey, Season 9

It's official. This list is a complete joke now.

159 Andrew Forester, Season 7

Really wish this troll would stop putting these awful contestants on the list.

160 Briana Swanson, Season 10

Shouldn't be on here!

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