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1 Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 2

Eagle Fly Free, Dr. Stein, I Want Out- there's 3 of my top 5 songs right there. Great album, one of my favorites and the best one by Helloween.

Both the orgigional keeper albums and the legacy are great however this one has more tracks that are still played live than the others. The title track is epic much like Halloween is for part one but this album is more consistent.

Helloween's best work (even with Kiske) though I am more a fan with what Helloween is doing with Deris. I am a major fan of the original Melodic Power Metal Helloween was originally doing the Keeper records are still on top.

Top five are, keepers 2, better than raw, walls of Jericho, pink bubbles go ape and keepers 1.

2 Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 1

It's not only Helloweens best album, but also the best power metal album of all time. It's also the only Helloween album with consistency, not a single bad track. Also, songs like "I'm Alive", "Future World", "Twilight of the Gods", and of course "Halloween" are all in my top 10 Helloween songs. Amazing album, one of the best ever.

The epic song Halloween alone is enough to judge which Helloween album is the best. Don't get me wrong though, this album also has other great songs such as I'm Alive and the ballad A Tale That Wasn't Right.

Pure masterpiece of music art

A masterpiece and the best metal album ever.

3 Time of the Oath

Amazing! Forever And One is my favourite song ever! And Power! Wake Up The Mountain is amazing! Andi rules!

Unique. The only Helloween album I can listen from beginning to end.

I love every song off the album...Andi has such a brilliant voice! M/

Truly the best. Tied with "Keeper, part 1" for the all time greatest effort from the band.

4 Walls of Jericho

Kais vocals are pretty good but michis and Andis is a lot better

Best by far... Heavy Metal Is The Law

This is by fat their best album. Nothing touches the song 'Ride the Sky.'

This album is pure speed metal

5 Dark Ride

Darth Vader probably likes this and Darth Vader is cool so the album is cool

Mr. Torture was the first song I knew by this band and while I'm not at all a dark person their sound really interests me.

This album is different for its predecessors. It is quite dark and features the best vocals of Andi Deris. Also contains the title track which is epic fast and has a energy that would ashame the darkness

The real best album

6 Better Than Raw

Very fast and powerful! It has so much energy, very good drumming and sooo many amazing solos. The first Helloween album I ever had on cassette and I love it so much!

Really good album, that's my opinion. My fovourite songs from "Better than raw" are: Push, Falling higher, Hey lord, Time and I can (which is my favourite song from this album) Really good piece of music

Incredible album!

One the heaviest helloween albums

7 Straight out of Hell

My favorite album. Truly my very first Helloween album to listen. Every track was great can't stop listening to it almost everyday. So good that I could sing it along.

Straight out of Hell is not my best, but I think it's good

Waiting for the Thunder is my favourite song from this album. A good album overall, though, of course.

Should be much higher! Helloween gave a great effort with this album.

8 Keeper of the Seven Keys: The Legacy

The whole set of song's complement this album very well, each one has it's own unique identity. The King For A 1000 years is an epic masterpiece and it has nothing to envy to Halloween or Keeper Of The Seven Keys.

This album is actually really underrated, Andi Deris finally sorted his voice out.

9 Master of the Rings

Are you kidding me? This is one of there best albums! Is has lots of great song, such The game is on, Perfect gentleman, and so many more. You should listen to it again.

It should propably be among the top 3 albums, all the songs are great with some amazing vocals, especially "in a middle of a heartbeat" and "secret alibi"

Should be at least at four place...

Of course one of the best ones.

10 7 Sinners


Quite heavy.

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11 Gambling With The Devil

This album is underrated and gets a bad rep because of the title but it doesn't change the fact that this is their most uplifting and positive album yet. It can't compete with the keeper but is deserving of number three with the incredible guitar and lyrics after the singer got vocal lessons from Rob Halford himself, there is not a bad song on this album and it will always be my number one. Helloween for life 11/

12 Chameleon

I personally love it! It has many awesome tracks, but some of them aren't as good as expected to be. Giants, Music, I Believe, and Step Out Of Hell are pretty awesome!

This is one of the most all times underrated albums ever. Sadly, because is such a piece of great music! And yes, it's Metal. But with something else. It's not the "typical" Helloween's power and speed metal, it is lighter and not so heavy, but still sounding like Helloween anyway, with some new elements and experimentation and less heavier.

I actually liked Chameleon. I think the reason that most Helloween fans don't is because it's not metal. However, I listen to more than just heavy metal (which isn't even my favorite music genre) so maybe that's why I like it.

My opinion may not be popular, but for me this the best album ever - not only from Helloween, but in general. It is said that fans did not like it. It is deep, emotional, ambitious... Perfect piece of art.

13 My God-Given Right

I'd give this album maybe an 8/10. I prefer certain tracks as opposed to the whole thing.

One of their best albums for sure!

One of their best for sure!

Stay crazy,battle's won,if god loves rock n'roll and creatures in heaven are very good!

14 Rabbit Don't Come Easy

Straight and raging album,I like songs such a liar,and hell was made in heaven.

15 Pink Bubbles Go Ape

Another very underrated album...

Actually the Music on it is good... The Production is bad...

Great album! Sounds better today than when it was released!

Still better than Chameleon

16 Metal Jukebox

Love this album its different from the normal but I just love it

17 Unarmed
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