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21 Guardians Guardians

What the... I think this is the masterpiece...

22 As Long as I Fall As Long as I Fall
23 Kings Will Be Kings Kings Will Be Kings

This is such an underrated gem.
A lot better than I want out.
Of course, not better then eagle fly free.

I also think like the other person that voted for this song.
It is so overrated, yet so awesome.
May be the best andi deris song.
Pure awesomeness.

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24 Where the Rain Grows Where the Rain Grows

Should be higher. I've tried quite a lot of their songs. Especially all songs of some albums. But this was very good. - zxm

This song should be into top ten, it has its speed, melodic and metal touched, my self would put this into no.3

25 Are You Metal Are You Metal

WHAT? Are you mad?! This song should be on top 10, have you ever listened to it? OLD SCHOOL METAL. I can't believe how this song is on 22... I think I'm the only old helloween fan here.

First helloween song I've listened and it was amazing..

I always liked this song. It's my favorite Helloween song. - Caleb9000

Are you metal, are you metal are you are you

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26 Rise and Fall Rise and Fall V 1 Comment
27 King for 1000 Years King for 1000 Years

Wonderful song. One of the best power metal songs.

Great metal song ever,i think.

28 Judas Judas
29 A Handful of Pain A Handful of Pain
30 Fallen to Pieces Fallen to Pieces V 1 Comment
31 Straight Out of Hell Straight Out of Hell

This song is just amazing. The lyrics express anger. It's just awesome

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32 Mr. Torture Mr. Torture

I am genuinely surprised to see this song so low on the list. - BKAllmighty

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33 Perfect Gentleman Perfect Gentleman

The best song ever!

34 The Bells of the 7 Hells The Bells of the 7 Hells V 1 Comment
35 Silent Rain Silent Rain V 1 Comment
36 Who Is Mr. Madman? Who Is Mr. Madman?

Come on guys! You gotta like this stuff! The chorus is just damn amazing.. So sticky..

I discovered Helloween with this song, and it's my favorite! You only can love it... It's very sticky, but in a good way :D

37 Twilight of the Gods Twilight of the Gods

Good, but Blind Guardian's Twilight of the Gods was better, and they aren't nearly as good as Helloween. - DarkenedBrutality

A very Special song... Pure power Metal - Kiske & Hansen forever

The lyrics, the flow, the artists, the song

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38 Victim of Fate Victim of Fate

It is real track! This track about real life. We are all Victim Of Fate!
I love this track very mach and it mast be first!

This song should definitely be higher than 35, as the person below me said this song is about real life even if you don't think you are we all victims of fate in one way or another

Aside from Kai's still immature voice, this is a speed metal masterpiece that deserves a spot in the top 10. Sure, the spoken part is a bit cheesy, but what good metal isn't cheesy? Evil yet very lighthearted at the same time. Just epic. YOOOUUU WILL DIE!

My favourite helloween song!

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39 Kill It Kill It

Deserves to be between the top 15 AT LEAST! - vacostar

40 Far From the Stars Far From the Stars

This song is great, are you have listened it? And this song is one of their best song in Straight Out Of Hell. And where is burning sun?

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