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21 Revolution
22 Guardians

What the... I think this is the masterpiece...

23 I'm Alive

I'm very dissapointed to see one of the keeper of the seven keys songs so low

The best of entire Keeper os Seven Keys part I
Perfect introdution for Michael Kinske voice!

24 Mr. Torture

I am genuinely surprised to see this song so low on the list. - BKAllmighty

Deserves a place in the top ten

For me the best song

25 As Long as I Fall
26 Kings Will Be Kings

This is such an underrated gem.
A lot better than I want out.
Of course, not better then eagle fly free.

A masterpiece and yet #65.
Should be on the top 5

I also think like the other person that voted for this song.
It is so overrated, yet so awesome.
May be the best andi deris song.
Pure awesomeness.

This one of the best songs of all time!
I am dissapointed in you people.
Maybe not the best helloween song but definitely
Top 5, maybe top 3.
Since it's so low I had to vote for it.
My top 5 would be:
1. Eagle fly free
2. March of time
3. Kings will be kings
4. Twilight of the gods
5. The king for a thousand years.

27 Rise and Fall

I like it so much! Is a great song at leasst top 15

28 Where the Rain Grows

Should be higher. I've tried quite a lot of their songs. Especially all songs of some albums. But this was very good. - zxm

This song should be into top ten, it has its speed, melodic and metal touched, my self would put this into no.3

The acoustic version of this song aka Unarmed version is also good. In fact I like it more than the original. Its from the album "Unarmed �" Best of 25th Anniversary". - zxm

29 A Handful of Pain
30 A Little Time

This song must be in the top 20 easily. Power riff in the beginning and just take the chorus: it is a masterpiece, simple, deep and meaningful. And the Michael Kiske voice is high class in this song. Great work!

Though not my favorite song off the album, it should at least be in the top 40-30 with the rest of the Keepers albums

V 1 Comment
31 Fallen to Pieces V 1 Comment
32 King for 1000 Years

This song should be top 10 at the very least! The best song of the keeper's legacy album and definitely one of their very best.. Maybe even better than the masterpieces Halloween and Keeper of the 7 keys. This song has it all... calm mid section, great solos, great melodies, great rhythm, simply amazing!

Wonderful song. One of the best power metal songs.

Great metal song ever,i think.

33 Straight Out of Hell

This song is just amazing. The lyrics express anger. It's just awesome

Just a real catchy toon and my favorite song by the band!

New classic for sure.

34 Perfect Gentleman

The best song ever!

35 The Bells of the 7 Hells V 1 Comment
36 Silent Rain V 1 Comment
37 Who is Mr. Madman?

Come on guys! You gotta like this stuff! The chorus is just damn amazing.. So sticky..

I discovered Helloween with this song, and it's my favorite! You only can love it... It's very sticky, but in a good way :D

38 Twilight of the Gods

Good, but Blind Guardian's Twilight of the Gods was better, and they aren't nearly as good as Helloween.

Great song... A masterpiece!

A very Special song... Pure power Metal - Kiske & Hansen forever

Great song by Hansen... Brillant

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39 Save Us
40 The King for a 1000 Years

One of the best songs Helloween have ever written. It has the right amount of speed, aggressiveness, melody, and of course - cheesiness that you often heard in Helloween songs. Its length and its epic tale also contributed to its epicness.

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