Top 10 Best Helloween Songs


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61 Starlight
62 In the Middle of a Heartbeat
63 Born on Judgment Day
64 When the Sinner
65 The Time of the Oath

This one is a "hidden gem", truly amazing song

66 Your Turn
67 Windmill

This one deserves to be in the top ten. Such a wonderful song!

This song should be at least top five of helloween songs

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68 Soul Survivor

One of their best songs actually!

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69 Before the War V 1 Comment
70 Lost In America

Truly one of their best songs, the best from their new album, should probably be in the top 20

71 The Chance

One of the greatest Amine many... ;-) this song is so Great when you are under Pressure, Write a test, gives you positive access to things.

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72 Dreambound

I'm in love with this song. For a while I was listening to it a few hours a day

Seriously? This song is incredible, it needs to be higher than 76.

This song should be a classic. Great tune.

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73 World of War

This made me start listening to them, it's awesome.

I Think it's their best song besides dark ride

74 Mrs. God

Are you serious? It's one of the best Helloween songs and not even on the list. So powerful! - vacostar

For me is the best song that Hellowen has created. what! In the last position.

75 Cry for Freedom

This is how the real Helloween used to be, and the 1st Power Metal Song. Honestly the whole Helloween Album should be in here.

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76 We Burn
77 Secret Alibi
78 Just a Little Sign

Great classic from the first album with Sascha Gerstner in Helloween. Lovely melodic song.

79 Steel Tormentor

Seriously this one isn't even on the list? One of their best songs with Deris and they play it live often.

80 Why?

Where is monster mash ghostbusters haunted house season of the wicth a nightmare on my street somebodys wacthing me Halloween thme the lengend of the wolley swump the purple people eater this is Halloween dead mans party

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