Best Heroes of Might and Magic Games

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1 Heroes of Might and Magic III

The only game that could beat this is a game with heroes six graphics and heroes three castles.

There is no debate about it. Heroes 3 is the best game on the planet

It's the most original.

This game marked the heart of a generation of players.

2 Heroes of Might and Magic V

One of the best second behind Heroes of might and magic III (3)

Balance between graphic and variablity is the best one in series

Amazing game with beautiful world and charming story. Love the beauty of cities.

Minecraft premium

3 Heroes of Might and Magic IV

This game is good it has better graphics than the first 3 games the maps are layout amazing but the game has its bad bits such as there is not many maps I play mostly the XL maps but they only have one XL map in game they should have added more armies to control (start with) the multiplayer doesn't work you should be able to team up like in heroes of might and magic I the game gets boring very quickly as when you finish a map/game and you go play another map I can't be bothered to finish that map as I do the same things as I did in the other map but the map is layout different you should be able to create your own race like say sea army which the castle and all the buildings look like seas type ones and the creatures that you can buy would be sea type ones that would be amazing to be able to create own army buildings and castle so I think that all the games on this list are not good because they should/need all the things I said should be in the game

Heroes should have actual abilities and fight in combat, 4 brought us that.

I hated this one for a while as it is so complicated than the other ones but not long I loved it I still love heroes 3 but heroes 5 was ok boring after a while heroes 4 campaign is too complicated heroes 3 campaign is ok heroes 2 is good but graphics are bad but it's made in 90s so it's meant to be bad and heroes 1 is ok bad graphics heroes 6 sounds good have not played it yet vote heroes 4 up it's got good maps cool monsters and first time heroes fights but he is weak this game takes too long to build up army castle as you don't get many resources at start like you do in heroes 3 the monsters guarding the things like resources money etc are too hard to fight

Great improvements on Magic system and love The way Heroes work.

4 Heroes of Might and Magic II

Classic slugfest is such a classic map to play on

Fantastic game with unbalanced, classic gameplay.


5 Heroes of Might and Magic VI

This is the worst one by far. Every other Heroes game beats it. Having to be on line to play it fully is a terrible decision. Always getting cut off and disconnected. Not happy with this version AT ALL.

6 Heroes of Might and Magic VII

Not the best one, but a fine rehabilitation after M&MH VI fiasco

7 Heroes of Might and Magic

I played this when it came out. Nostalgia 10/10

8 Heroes of Might and Magic Tribes of the East

Best game from the heroes of might and magic V

9 Might and Magic Clash of Heroes

Fun game

10 Heroes of Might and Magic The Shadow of Death

The Contenders

11 Heroes of Might and Magic Hammers of Fate
12 Heroes Chronicles
13 Crusaders of Might and Magic

I loved this game so much but the alien starship at the end was kind of a surprise actually.

14 Heroes of Might and Magic II (GameBoy)
15 Heroes of Might and Magic Armageddon Blade

Great Expansion. Able to play characters who were non-playable in original version.

16 Heroes of Might and Magic Kingdoms
17 Heroes of Might and Magic (GameBoy)
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