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1 The Mark of Athena

I love this book! I just got finished reading it a few days ago. And spoiler alert, they find Percy! - Alpha101

I loved how Percy FINALLY met Jason and how everyone finally meets each other and the ending was such a great cliffhanger!

I JUST LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH. It also has cute romance. - Dancinggirl122

Man why did they have to end it with a cliffhanger? - Alpha101

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2 The Son of Neptune

I'm still reading this. - Alpha101

3 The Lost Hero
4 The House of Hades

Son of Neptune and House of hades best book ever... how can you like mark of Athena

It is not out yet so it is my fave. You get to anticipate what will happen in the book. Some people don't like the book because of the wait. On the posative side, you can guess what is going to happen and write your own version and when it is out, see how close you where!
Go percy and Annabeth! - DaughterOfAthena

Most sad and the one that made me cry

This is an unpopular opinion, but I love this book. I love this book because the Mark of Athena leaves you on the cliffhanger of Percy and Annabeth falling into Tartarus. Then in the House of Hades you finally figure out what happens to them. And you find out Nico is gay, so SOLANGELO. And Leo meets Calypso. Also Bob the Titan? I think this book is underrated compared to other Heroes of Olympus books.

5 Blood of Olympus

This book was straight crap

6 The Demigod Diaries
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