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21 Korea

How can anyone not love this character? In any comic strip he appears you are sure to get a laugh. His adoration for his 'aniki' is just too cute and he just seems so unaware how much of a bother he actually is to China.

Not only that, he is plenty good looking! - Sintram

South Korea's the best enough said

Korea: ANIKI!

Need I say more?

Uri Nara mansae the-ze! His character is always so cheerful and cute! (The groping is weird but we are all Yaoi fans here, no? )

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22 Austria

Austria is BOSS. He plays the piano in the middle of the ocean, has been married like ten times, created furnitalia by sitting on germany, coined the term 'vital regions', can make switzerland blush, has a sassy gay voice, plays the piano to express his anger, and is damn sexy. Hetalia simply wouldn't be the same without this sassy austrian pianist.

Seriously, this man is truly the coolest character in this show. I mean, who will play a piano in a deserted island or speak in a sassy manners? Obviously, this man wrap all of them. GO AUSTRIA-SAN!

I just lost it in that one episode, when he was just sitting IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN and playing the piano music that was in the background.


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23 Latvia

He's such a cutie! And in my option he's so sweet! I really wish he'd get more love I like him because he's like a big brother to seal and

He is the youngest of the Baltics, but still tries to stand up to Russia. He's like the cutest of the cute!

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24 Sweden

Aw, Sweden needs more love. I can't be the only one who thinks that he's adorable, can I? I mean, really. I hate to bring pairings into this, but look at all the things he does for his "wife". He was willing to sew clothes, sit in a corner, etc. He's even a father. Sweden looks like such a serious person, but he's actually well-intentioned and just a little socially awkward.
Not only that, but he can also be a serious BAMF. A pretty sexy one, if I do say so myself.

Such a great character, I don't think people realize! He is a person that so many can relate to, with his social awkwardness and not very talkative spirit. On top of that he is LORD MERCY DEAD hot. Who wouldn't love him?

He's horribly socially awkward, but means well and is kindhearted.

He's a precious cinnamon roll who loves his family dearly! Who wouldn't love such a shy, sweet character?

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25 Italy V 2 Comments
26 Belgium

Belgium needs more love! Too many people forget about her.

Belgium is so often forgotten and deserves more love! She is so nice and cute and I wish I knew her in real life...

She is so sweet and adorable!

She's beautiful,but not as beautiful as Taiwan. - Villainnumberone

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27 Liechtenstein

She is the cutest thing I have ever seen and her fashion sense is awesome and she needs to be higher! And its so nice that switzerland took him in!

Come on now, Liechtenstein and Switzerland shouldn't be separate votes! They're just adorable. Their interactions were the best part of hetalia and it's just so nice. My 2nd vote would definitely be Switzerland.

I love her personality and appearance. She's really cute in my opinion :3

She's beautiful,but not as beautiful as taiwan. - Villainnumberone

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28 Turkey

To me, Turkey's always been kind of like an annoying sibling. Deep down, he can be kind and sweet, but is he going to show it in public? Probably not.

In all honesty, Turkey, especially in "beautiful world" is the sexiest, most manly, hottest guy I have ever seen. (Even though he's animated.)
How the holy hell is greece above this masterpiece of hetalia!?!?! I honestly just don't understand people...

I honestly thought Turkey would have more. But I'm not surprised United Kingdom's first, either.

CCc Ottoman empire cCc

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29 Estonia

He's hilarious. Estonia is the self-proclaimed best member of the Choir Club at World Academy and also is a computer geek which is awesome. He's pretty nonchalant and kind of oblivious (STRECH! Wow, would you look at the time! ). He seems a lot more confident than the other Baltics.
And he sparkles.

Estonia is adorable, frankly. He can put up with Russia and doesn't seem to be quite as afraid of him as the other Baltics. He's a genius with technology, and someone from his country invented Skype for goodness sake! He doesn't get close to the attention that he deserves. He's always really fun to watch and he always seems to have the strangest experiences. (Seriously, what drug was he on in the nyo episode for him to have that weird of a dream? )

This babe honestly needs more love, he's such a cutie

He's a nerd like me. He's very confident.

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30 Switzerland

Switzerland is in my top three! I love his relationship with Liechtenstein, and his voice, and his guns, and his hair, and his quotes, and GUNS. I loved him from the moment I saw him look out of his window with his gun and start shooting Italy. I felt bad for Italy, a lot, but... GUNS! My favorite quote he's ever said is:

"I think... It tastes like sandwich" LIKE TOTAL GENIUS LOL. I love him so much

He's a cool guy. He takes care of his sister and he's got guns. Lots and lots of GUNS. Did I mention he makes really good chocolate? And GUNS. An all-around badass with a soft side.

He is a tough hard-worker who is frugal and doesn't really show many emotions other than irritation but how much he cares for Lichtenstein is adorable and you can really tell he has a soft side for those in need. It's also hysterical when he's scaring off trespassers. All in all he's my favorite!

I just love him. I love how he adopted Liechtenstein. He's so kind and generous. I ship them so much!

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31 England

Uh, he's at the top of the list as "United Kingdom." Did you just not notice that?

They are sexy, who could not like them!

"Dumbledora, the explorer. " seriously, who does not laugh at that!? And how badly he wanted America as a little brother, it's adorable!

32 Chibitalia

Little Chibi Italy is so cute! And his relationship with Holy Rome is adorable too! (Still a better love story than Twilight)

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33 Romania

Romania! Even though he's just a side-kick both in the comic and anime, he's still an awesome character!

Magic is fun! *pokes Romania with yoghurt*

Its just something about him

He is funny and adorable

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34 Netherlands

He is one of the only serious characters, yet he still manages to be funny. He is great at soccer and has a soft side. Not to mention smoking hot.

Netherlands might be ruff around the eages but I can see him as sweet somewhat just don't let him around wy or the other one I don't know how to spell oh my god

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35 Vietnam

She seems a little tough on the outside, but she also has a soft side. I can understand why Taiwan complemented her in the manga. Sure, not many Hetalia fans know of her, or nations for that matter, but she really is an amazing character and needs more love. And by the way, she does work well with her climate -- the nation she represents reaches deathly hot temperatures, so you've got to give it to her for making it pass with that. She also is a great character because, even if the manga and anime doesn't really show her much (in the anime's case, at all), but you can see that she could have hidden character depth. She is tough and semi-stoic, but really sweet and amazing once you see her in the right life. She makes me proud of her, and my heritage.

A beautiful girl who has gone through more historical hardships than all of her international female counterparts. Vietnam is someone who is understandably quiet and stoic, but tough and adventurous! Exposed to multiple cultures, she is able to adapt to whatever tourists may come to visit, or herself to other nations. She also has a sweet side to her which she shows to those who are and were dear to her, like her family or some of her foreign acquaintances.

APH Vietnam is an amazing character. If you look into it, you can see her character depth. Sure, she's not shown much in the manga, and not even noticed in the anime (given that she had a non-speaking camo), but for the time she is shown, I can safely state that she is more awesome than APH Prussia. She's been through a lot, not to mention how accurate she is. As a pure Vietnamese person, I know how the Vietnamese tend to act. The only thing off (her insecurity on her appearance) is based off on tourism. Her country isn't the best tourist nation, and while she may be communist, you can see the beauty in her land. Really, this makes her 100% accurate. All hail APH Vietnam.

She might be beautiful,but not as beautiful as taiwan. - Villainnumberone

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36 Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a very minor character, but well thought out. He has worth too, after all, he's had a war between two powerful nations for him. I can't say much, but look into his character profile and you'll see his personality is just a lovable tsundere dorko that's afraid of the dark and loves Jackie Chan.

Who doesn't love this sweetie pie! He even shares the same birthday as Canada's! COME ONE PEOPLE HE NEEDS MORE LOVE!

Playing Persona Powers Hetalia instantly made me a Hong Kong fangirl and made me shipping him with Philippines~! WATCH MY WHOLE PPH PLAYLIST AND YOU'LL SEE WHAT I MEAN!

37 Portugal

Why does APH Portugal get no love? Like? Have you not seen his beauty? He's perfect. Laid-back and everything. This dork needs more love, seriously. As a guy, I definitely am homo for this hunk of a man. All the homo. He's my favorite. I love him.

38 Mr. Puffin

The best character of them all

His voice is a awesome!

Mr Puffin!

39 Taiwan

People need to give Taiwan more love! Taiwan has such an interesting and awesome character and personality that just makes me want to know more about her. She is also the one that gives Vietnam a personality and not a character in the dust!

Taiwan needs more love, and less hate. Yes, she is kinda of a brat, it's a flaw. It doesn't make her a Mary-Sue! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TAIWAN!

She has an adorable personality!

She's beautiful. not even vietname can match taiwan's beauty. - Villainnumberone

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40 Sealand

Sealand is amazing and adorable. HE IS A REAL COUNTRY. Google it, he is an adorable and cute country/boy.

The only reason this cutie isn't a country is because the actual country part is a fort! If Sealand was larger, he would be a country. I love Sealand to bits though!

Sealand is good-intentioned and outspoken. He's very ambitious and almost too confident. He wants to be a real country one day and this has caused the creation of a league of fangirls proclaiming "SEALAND IS A COUNTRY! "

The excalibur of hetalia

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