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41 Sealand

Sealand is amazing and adorable. HE IS A REAL COUNTRY. Google it, he is an adorable and cute country/boy.

The only reason this cutie isn't a country is because the actual country part is a fort! If Sealand was larger, he would be a country. I love Sealand to bits though!

Sealand is good-intentioned and outspoken. He's very ambitious and almost too confident. He wants to be a real country one day and this has caused the creation of a league of fangirls proclaiming "SEALAND IS A COUNTRY! "

The excalibur of hetalia

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42 Ladonia

Ladonia is the cutest!

43 Thailand

I always thought he was so sweet! And he's little pet! He just seems like a cool guy

44 Bulgaria

I like Bulgaria he's really nice and he puts up with Romania I mean come on he's awesome Prussia awesome if you ask me

"yeah but take a look at his face and tell me you haven't wanted to do the same thing"

He's so cute and nice like people think he's a jerk for htting Italy with a stick but hetaween 2011 he's dressed as an angel and he goes around and greets everyone because he's just that sweet but he's so dang misunderstood
And when he works for Russia with Romania and he makes up that song and they sing it and he's just so cute
So yeah basically Bulgaria wins you can go home now

Oh where do I begin?
First, he hits Italy on the head with a stick. He is the king of sticks.
He is stupidly optimistic, 'oh Romania got rejected by his brother? Oh well, we're still the two biggest disappointments in the EU! '
Need I go on?

45 Australia

It's interesting to see how Australia is personified, even if it was a short while, mainly because the country has a history of a changing stereotype. This (in my opinion) makes Australia more unique as the Aussie stereotype as a whole is still changing even now! While other characters have very obvious physical and mental/ emotional qualities that are usually exact representations (albeit exaggerated for the purpose of entertainment) stereotypes of their individual country, those aren't likely to change much, but Australia has many different factors or stereotypes that contribute to the Aussie image. Especially when you think about how multicultural the country is! There are obviously negatives to Australia, as there are negatives to every country in the world of hetalia, but we haven't seen them as often as the main character countries, obviously because Australia isn't a main character. Side character or not, Australia is a very interesting character and would make for a great ...more

Australia is the best ever! He is very courageous and super friendly and doesn't mind fighting alongside his friends
Australia and New Zealand both need more screen time because they are both cute.

The most wild Hetalia ever~! My fave!

46 Czech

Despite being only in the manga right now, I relate to her and her mannerisms a lot.

Super Girls!

47 Gilbird

Gilbird is so awesome! Almost as awesome as the great Prussia!

Gilbert's cute bird!

Best character. The development is 10/10 for this innocent delivery bird.

Yes Cx

48 Ukraine

She is a very kind sweetheart. I mean, why not like her?

She is so king, caring and beautiful! How can anyone not love her?

She's really pretty and kind hearted

I love her so much. She is so sweet.😍

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49 New Zealand

Eek I love him so much! He's just so firkin cute! Him and he's little curls and cute smile! I love him so much! I wish he'd get more screen time he so needs it!

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50 Philippines

I like the female shown on hetalia fanmade characters wiki - Villainnumberone

Even though she/he is just a fan-made he/she is popular character when it comes to fanfiction and there is a lot of oc's of piri-kun/tan

but sadly many people hated the female! Philippines because she is portrayed as a mary-sue
but the male! Philippines well everyone think of him as a Asian version of america and a mini version Spain (lol) he gain more fans but female! Philippines is the majority when it comes to the fans

but for me to those who made female! Philippines a non-mary-sue character (or a tomboy*that could be awesome*) are amazing and for male! Philippines I see him as a makulit/hottie :3

do you guys agree

Even though she is not included, she is everyone's favourite when it comes to fan art! I dare you to search Philippines, Hetalia on devianart! She is adorable and is a huge sweetheart, just like Spain. Arthur, Alfred, Matthew, Feli, Ludwig, Matthias, Yao, Gilbert, Lovino, Antonio...whoever you ship her with! She will look adorable with anyone, especially her nyo, Brunei, or Mexico! Mahal kita, Piri-tan!

51 Principality of Wy

She is so cute! She has like Hungary's badass powers and is really wicked, she stands up (kind of) for the micronations. She also has Australia, and of course England's awesome look. She is pretty wicked.

Wy is the only female micronation and she deserves more love! She's confident and sweet, and doesn't take excuses from anybody! Not to mention she's fun, outgoing, and is more internationally recognized as a country (no offense to Sealand) haha

She's cute. =3

52 Luxembourg

As one of my favorites Lux is kind and caring. He tends to be forgotten in the hetalia world even when it comes to Netherlands and Belgium, but people, please remember their little brother! This small ray of sunshine's always smiling and chill about everything. Did I mention that Lux is also cute af and has VERY nice hair? And he's refined taste in everything--he's LUXurious

53 Osaka
54 Ancient Rome

Rome is adorable! And funny! He's awesome and needs more love!

55 Ireland

IS Ireland EVEN IN THIS?!?!?

Even if she's just a fanon character,she's beautiful,but not as beautiful as taiwan. - Villainnumberone

56 Kugelmugel

Kugelmugel is art.

Cause everything is art

ART - Animee

He's so funny

57 Kumajiro

Who wouldn't love Matthew's talking polar bear?

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58 Cuba

He has SO MUCH potential as a character, and it's sad to see him get thrown away by the fandom because of an event that actually MAKES UP HIS CHARACTER. He's a walking redemption arc. I want to see what happened between him and America to make his anger towards him feel so personal. I want to see how he copes with the fact that he mistakes his best friend with the guy he hates the most, and the amount of physical and emotional hurt he's caused Canada. It would do really good development for Canada and Cuba's relationship on a personal level.

Unfortunately no one seems to like the fact that America could have done some serious to other nations. (on a personal level between the actual personifications.)

He needs more love. He really relates to me as an overweight person. He's also very forgiving and cuddly although he is a little bit awkward. Cuba is a character that I can relate to in a sense that I hot-tempered and overweight but loving and gentle. I LOVE his character. He needs more screen time.

59 Moldova Moldova Moldova, officially the Republic of Moldova, is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, bordered by Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north, east, and south.
60 Iceland

He and his brother are my most favorite characters. While Iceland doesn't get as much attention internationally as do his brothers, he's charming, sweet, and the most adorable island nation. Ice is the awkward teenager who is just learning what the world has to offer him, which is why, unlike his brother, he can be sentimental once his outer personality cracks open.

Iceland's really unusual. He seems to be stoic on the outside but is actually, in my opinion, sentimental and insecure. He's also kind of a hipster and his puffin is a boss.

He appears distant and stoic like Norway, but the way he flusters and gets all awkward is really adorable. He's not really emotionally that detached, he just is a bit... tsundere? Anyway, he's such a cutie and the nordic five wouldn't be as entertaining without him.

He is my favorite character! In my opinion, he should be way more up on the list! He deserves a higher ranking than 35!

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