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61 Moldova Moldova Moldova, officially the Republic of Moldova, is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, bordered by Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north, east, and south.
62 Egypt

So awesome. I can just imagine him shaking his head and smiling when Greece and Turkey fight. ( I pretty much meant all the time if you didn't guess.)

Egypt is the best character in Hetaila. Though he didn't say or do much in it, I enjoy his personality and appearance, He's a really good character.

I love Egypt! He may be very quiet (though it is said by the creator and talk active) He seems like an interesting character! He's also very mysterious and I love mysterious people a lot! ^. ^

63 Ancient Rome

Rome is adorable! And funny! He's awesome and needs more love!

64 Scotland V 4 Comments
65 India
66 Belarus

Your right her history page is even longer than Italy's! I really love her and that's why she's my favorite female in hetalia I like her out look on things. If you get past all the negative stiff about her there's really a lot of interesting things about her. Shes really strong and loving sometimes in bad sways but still loving none the less. People need to stop hating on her she's really an amazing person if you give her the time of day. But look every cherecter has something bad about them. Look at Russia he's got loess but people still love him and try to understand him please just try to understand Belarus because she's really something

Belarus is an amazing character. People need to see that. Everyone is always just like," Belarus is so creepy! Ew, she wants to marry her brother! She's so scary! ". And it makes me sick. You can't just judge a person based on one thing that you see. There is more to her than that! Look her up! Take a look at her history (poor, doll has been captured so many times~)! Read her page! Come on you guys! Belarus needs more love. I don't understand how someone can defend Russia and say he isn't creepy at all (in which you are correct), then turn around and say Belarus is creepy! She is my favorite character of all time and she always has been, ever since I joined the fandom, and she will always be. I hope you do marry Russia, Belarus! Going to go spread my opinion somewhere else now~

I don't see how Belarus manages to remain close to the bottom of the list even with a large amount of comments.
She may seem creepy at first, but there is actually a lot going on inside of her- there is so much more to her than simply, "Marry me, Russia." Take a look into her past and you will see why she acts the way she does, as with any character. As the wiki says, "She's said to have a strong heart and an equally strong will," and she does. Belarus is very persistent and will not stop until she gets what she wants.

My favorite female character in hetalia. Yes she beautiful but its not the only thing I like about her. I think she has a very caring personality deeply in her heart. I counting her to married with russia. Russia just need to understand her! Go Belarus!

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