I adore him as he really embodies my motherland. Some words about Russia's mindset. For many Russians concepts "home", "parent", "God", "self-sacrifice", "fatalism", "struggle for life", "hope" and "love" are merged into concept "Russia". Throughout all its history Russia has been in the incoherent multitude of his emotions as well as most of Russians. Foreigners consider it as insanity.
Back to the cartoon. Russia really behaves like most Russians do. Not all, of course. We don't usually run to such extremes. Russia wants to be a part of the world and enjoy other countries'company, but still he feels awkward and often faces misunderstanding. When he feels danger or disrespect he becomes furious. Still he's adorably nice when he's in a good mood. His appearance is both likeable and cute.

I feel like it's impossible not to love him, everything is perfect about him! He's so sweet and childish, a kind smile, and just wants a friend. Seeing all sorts of songs he sings like 'White Flame' and 'Winter', you can feel loneliness in him. I think all who loves Russia would really just want to show him he isn't feared of, and is loved. He has the most adorable face, and seemingly shy and happy personality. When he grows darker and scarier, I think it adds more character to him, to say he isn't perfect, he has flaws, like everyone else. His love of sunflowers is is so innocent and sweet. I remember him telling Lithuania about his dreams, filled with sunflowers and friends. Russia just has a heart of gold, with a few scratches.

I'm extremely thankful that Ivan Braginski opened me up to the real life country of Russia. The Russian culture is so rich and beautiful, and I feel like those who haven't gotten the chance to look into it are really missing out. But, as for the character, he cares about his two sisters who stuck with him since the Kievan Rus', even if they're... a bit crazy. He says "become one with mother Russia" because, in my opinion, he wants to have every nation be happy as one and as friends. When he was little he had his ups and downs, being attacked by the mongols, dealing with the death of byzantine empire (Kievan Rus' and Byzantine empire which was really just Rome had trade relationships... So Rome was in a way, not only Italy's supporter but Russia's too) and not to mention General Winter. Winter was the only one who really protected Russia when he was little, and yet Winter is a main reason why Russia is feared. (Winter's intimidating when it is the reason many armies failed to ...more

Russia seems all scary and horrifying but really it's hard for everyone to see how lonely he is, but he feels like he has to be all tough about it. Also, you can tell how bad his childhood probably was due to Prussia's bullying and the fact that his sisters could't do anything. Speaking of his sisters... You can't blame him for being all creepy. His sister (Belarus) is so creepy... So, so creepy. SHE'S SO CREEPY!

Russia is one of the most likable characters in the series, in my opinion. And one of the reasons for this is his crazy, scary-ass dark side. He has good intentions and simply wants to be friends with everyone in a nice, warm, place with lots of sunflowers, but his friend-making methods are not always the best. He was raised to be that way, so he really doesn't know any better. So what if he is a bit intimidating? He's still adorable.

Russia is well...Russia he is an insane man who we all love who carries around pipe which he uses to hit people with, but let me get this straight, anyone who says he is secretly a very nice person is just wrong, he is a complete psychopath who loves inflicting pain upon others but that is mainly because of his horrible childhood. Really he is just looking for friends but he also doesnmr feel like he can trust anyone. I think we can all see a bit of ourselves in Russia. You have to love him he is just so funny and how can someone so scary be that adorable?

I love Russia! Out of all of the characters, I fell that Russia is the most complex. People think he's scary, but I like that a little bit to be honest! Plus, he's so adorable and funny! One of my favorite parts was when his scarf came to life and strangled poor ol America! His life was so sad and his song 'white flame' left me in complete awe of his personality and adorablenes. It also left me in tears. Happy tears, though, because that is the most beautiful thing I have heard since Oracion from Pokemon and also Lugia's song! But still. Russia is absolutely amazing! I love him, and respect him at the same time. I could repeat this whole paragraph ten times and that still wouldn't be enough to describe how much I love him. What I would do without Russia or Hetalia, I don't know, and don't want to know!

He's very interesting. He seems all happy and innocent on the outside and is always smiling and has a sweet voice. However, he seems to be kind of mentally unstable and gives off evil aura when he's mad. He had a really, really tragic past and was adorable as a chibi. Plus, his character song is the best.

Russia seriously has to be in number one because he is the best and everyone knows it! He is just one awesome dude and WAY better than Prussia!

Russia is not evil or cruel. He's just misunderstood because he's lonely and wants friends! He also went through a lot of wars and he's got a psycho path sister who wants to marry him. He's nice, generous, funny, epic and is just judged. He also knows to kick ass and he's the best! VOTE Russia because he's BADASS AND AWESOME! VOTE! IVAN DESERVES

Russia isn't all creepy and childish. Yes, I admit, he really is but you can'y blame him! He had to undergo a TERRIBLE revolution, and his sisters really mess him up big time. Sometimes I wonder what Russia was like before the revolution. I would assume everything he is now minus the bad--- Loving, cute, a little silly, and so damn adorable!

I feel bad for Russia. But he has great potential! It's kinda cool he has a darker side but it's probably only because he needs some love, but not the kind of "love" he gets from his creepy sister.

He's so misunderstood, I just want to give him a big hug! He puts up with family drama and is such a strong guy despite his undying loneliness. He seems like a typical guy, he likes someone and wants to be with them, he is sweet, cute. But then he has his dark side and wouldn't be afraid to snap a nack or two if need be!

I just love Russian accents! And he's just like "I am Russia. Fear me. " I just like him

I really like Russia. Not only is he a cutie pie, but he just kinda reminds me of myself. All in all, I just really like this cutie.

I love Russia to be honest. I can understand the whole pipe thing but he really seems nice if you look deeper inside him.

I feel Russia is just a huge misunderstood and lonely teddy bear who needs someone to love him.

He's is awesome and cute and funny and stuff

No one can be to love a yandere a character as he is!

DADDY Russia is god also he is pretty cute and a good character

I wish he was a better person because I loathe yanderes but my sister likes him. I sympathize with him because of his past because he just took revenge the wrong way by becoming evil and if he goes down the right path, he will become a better person. No offense to the people who like him.

Russia is a perfect mix of adorable and scary, I love him.

Russia's my favorite hetalia character I think it's either my complete love for yandere characters or just plain obsession for cute grown adults acting like innocent children but Russia I love ya.

Even though he's mean and beats up Latvia and those guys doesn't mean he's cute and... Yeah... I m becoming a Russia fangirl. WATCH OUT Belarus HERE COMES ME!

Russia looks dead sexy in a long skirt.