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He is the best Tsundere in Anime Universe laugh out loud He is so cute, There can't be someone who doesn't think he is cute! And the Eyebrows! There's no one besides him that can look handsome and have thick eyebrows at the same time!

To be honest I just love him. He's so damn cute with his tsundere-ness and has so many qualities and stories to tell, his character is one of the most interesting in the series. He is indeed cold and sarcastic sometimes, but really he just wants people to understand and accept him. His past has been a long and difficult one, but he takes care to hide this with snarky comments and a tough exterior, so people don't realize how much he cares for others. Perceptive by nature, however easily provoked, his short temper taints how others think of him, with many being afraid of him or simply ridiculing his occasionally odd habits. He shouts and swears a lot, and is often loud, but really he prefers peace and quiet, which is why he gets along so well with Japan. He's smart and not afraid to express and flaunt his differences (eg the fay + magic), with strong beliefs and ideals that he is careful to stick to. As a result he argues often with others. Though generally bad tempered, he can easily ...more

England has, and always will be, my favourite Hetalia character. He represents my own country (United kingdom/England) has the best eyebrows in the history of eyebrows. He is several thousand years old yet is immortal and looks 22/23. He has been an angel, Pirate, King, Knight, been in several wars (civil included) Raised America, Sealand and Canada, been a Police Commander, Master of dark and light magic, Secret agent/spy, Punk/rock star etc. He is now a gentleman and I have great respect for him. He grew up with his brothers who teased him and were mean to him (Bad Scotland, Wales and Ireland! I hope Ireland didn't teach Northern Ireland to be like that! )

Arthur Kirkland, you are the best Hetalia character. Ever.

I actually kinda have a extremely large crush on him.

My most favorite character ever! I love magic and superstitions, British culture and I really want to visit London! England is adorably irresistible and it can't be denied! And those sexy eyebrows.L.

England is known through out Hetalia, he is loved by many and dislike by some, he is a Great power, has one of the strongest army's and had been through more wars than France has groped him. but what really gets me about England is his family, friends and foes and his relations with them.

France is (though is never admitted) England's best friend the two have a rich history together, Germany being England and him both coming from the same ancestor. China and their relationship about taking care of Hong Kong. but mostly how he treated his beloved colonies, he raised them like children and still worries for them today no matter what.

Arthur Kirkland, carry on old chap *salutes*

England is a strong guy. He doesn't seem to care what people think of him. And with that cooking of his, the chap never gives up! He's fashionable, charismatic, and all in all very dramatic when he wants to be. A hard working man who love all he is close to as he has seen what can happen when you become distant with someone you love dearly. I think England is also popular because of his super sexy accent, but that's none of my business!

Who doesn't love the scone lover? He's damn perfect! But he's also had many troubles in the past, and is always overshadowed and humiliated by his former colony, America. Not to mention his relationships with the other countries are badass, and learning from his mistakes, this is why he is my favourite character in Hetalia, and always will be!

To be honest, I never actually thought England would be my favorite character in this series. Yes, I've always liked the culture. (I was mainly introduced to it by my mother, who was a fan of the culture, along with History itself.) For example, I love Dr. Who, Harry Potter and Downton Abby, but just liking a few shows that happen to have British origins doesn't really explain why I like this character. I, personally identify with him, as I too am lonely and have some trust issues (Though I could never really understand everything he's been through. I mean, I've only lived A small amount of time. Compaired to him, I am basically a baby.) Also, we have some same interests which makes me happy and glad to find a character with the same interests. (Seriously, I would ask him for embroidery lessons in a heart beat. I'd probably be a stuttering, blushing mess, but I still would. )

But I digress, England/Uk/ Britain is an amazing character and he deserves to be on the number one ...more

Love all but him just a tiny bit more

Is there anyone else up to his level? Nope. Not yet, if ever. He's seen so much, been through many phases. Those green eyes! , those eyes! They're beautiful. England seems really grumpy, but that's to hid his pain so when someone leaves him, (*cough cough* America...) it won't hurt as much. We know for a fact that he's kind and nice and doesn't show it. His magic fairy friends are adorable! I mean, come on. England's the full package!

England is such an awesome character! Despite being disliked by most of the allies (China = resentment over opium war. America = annoying. Russia = there's resentment. France = bad relationship) he still tries his best and doesn't let it get too him and from the more resent episodes and chapters I think his relationship with the others is improving!

What more can you ask for in a guy? He may be your typical character for a tsundere, but he is incredibly sexy and wise. Much like Gokudera Hayato in Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Both are smart, both have their punk phase, and they're badass as hell. They make for better story-line (except Gokudera annoys me to some extent). Whereas one difference between the two, I don't get annoyed by England, or the United Kingdom. Though he would probably force you to never call him 'Iggy' and say his full name 'United Kingdom of Northern Ireland' or something along the lines.

But I digress. However, I do quite enjoy his magic and I wouldn't mind him putting a spell on me.

He's just so cute! He has the most adorable voice in both the Japanese and English episodes of the show! I love how he fails at a lot of the things he does (like cooking laugh out loud) and how he is a secret romantist and likes sewing PLUS he uses black magic and used to be a pirate! How awesome is that? And the best thing is that he was the one to raise America, and he is still by his side now. (USUK! )

Honestly I love England. I love everything about him. His ascent, his personality, his looks (sorry I had to say that ), his practice in black magic and his ups and downs in his life. I love other characters to but England is my #1

United Kingdom is amazing. Whatever for the history, the reality or even in for the manga setting. He is solid but soft at the same time.I have many reasons to describe how he can get so many fans. However I think many people have claimed their opinions here

England performs magic, he was a former pirate, a knight, and he sees mythical creatures. I don't know how you can become more original than that. None of the other characters can ever be as awesome as him.

I am from the UK so I didn't want to seem bias when choosing England as my favourite, but I just can't help it! Even though I love most of the other countries, I have fallen in love with him and I feel like I understand him the most. I also like how each country isn't presented as perfect, they all have their flaws and things that make them unique too. It was a difficult choice, but England is my favourite.

His sarcasm is hilarious, and he's insults are the best. Is whole character is so we'll built I just absolutely love it! Honestly, he's just got such an good background story... I love his character! What more can I say?

England is the cutest anime character ever! Well, I know he is just an animation but the animators do a fabulous job on designing him!

You just have to love this guy. I know I do! He may seem like an arrogant and prideful guy on top, but throughout the series you see his loving, caring side, his happy, playful side, he serious, worried side, and his hidden, hurting side. There is so much more to this tsundere gentleman than meets the eye, and his character is all the better for it. Also, who doesn't love tea and scones? (Burnt or not! )

He is such a diverse character as well as being a gentleman (most if the time). He has had his pirate and punk days, which make him funny and smart. Arthur is really a great character in general.

I love tsundere guys, and his being a gentleman adds his charming points. Also his past with his brothers and America made me tear up, by how his brothers hated him and how America leaves him, but most of all I love his pureness of how he can see fairies or whatever it is, and how he wanted friends. So he's my most favorite.

He always the best uke in my mind.

I just LOVE Iggy! While he may be sharp-tongued, and coming off as a bit rude, (though he claims he is a gentleman, and he is, towards ladies mostly though... ) he's a good listener. He knows what it feels like to be broken. He knows what it feels like to be left alone and isolated, because he's experienced it all firsthand. But, with this, he still goes on normally. Even with the Great Fire of London which took, like, half of his capital, he still chooses to continue.. (Fun fact: The fire started from a bakery, if I'm correct... ) He's also our favorite tsun-tsun. Oh, and drunkard, of course.
He's become a pirate, a spy, an angel that throws forks around and calls them Brittania forks, a police, a gentleman, and so much more. Also, his eyebrows make him look unique. I can't imagine him without his eyebrows! That, and it looks best on him!
Oh, also, he's a hopeless, secret romanticist. Yay!

He's just too funny and he is a very unique character that I've never seen before. And because of him he is my favorite anime character of all time!