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1 Run, Don't Walk Run, Don't Walk

This is not only the best songs by Hey Monday, but also one of the best pop-punk songs of all time... Just listen to the song and you will agree with me instantly... This song is unbelievably good!

This song was the one that got me in Hey Monday in the first place :) IT IS AN AWESOME SONG! One of my favorites. Now, I can't stop listening to it. HEY MONDAY for the win!

Best song ever! It got stuck to my head!

2 How You Love Me Now How You Love Me Now

This song is so upbeat it is a punk pop classic!
I love the lyrics it makes me think of summer love... Over and over!

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3 Candles Candles

Would love to sing this in a power cut because it would fit so well. Also great song if you just want to listen to something that has a meaning XP

4 Wish You Were Here Wish You Were Here
5 The One That Got Away The One That Got Away
6 Homecoming Homecoming

The most meaningful song ever! :D Nice guitars, awesome drumming, the vocals are pretty awesome and the lyrics are unbelievably good... too good! Its one of the best rock songs I've ever heard!

Home coming, I am coming. my sweet mistake. Summers over. Hope its not too late!

One of Cassadee's best vocal work ever! And the music truly rocks

This is their best song! It should totally be the first!

7 I Don't Wanna Dance I Don't Wanna Dance
8 Mr. Pushover Mr. Pushover

This song is the best

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9 6 Months 6 Months

Basic lyrics with such a moving effect. I love it! Makes me think of my beau every time I hear it. Worth a spot in top 3

This song should be on top, such a beautiful lyrics.

Loved it the first time I heard it

10 Obvious Obvious

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11 Hangover Hangover

I can't believe this isn't included in the top ten. Lyrics are so moving and it fits with the beat and rhythm as well! Every time I hear this, it reminds me of the people I couldn't get :( haha

12 Arizona Arizona
13 Should've Tried Harder Should've Tried Harder
14 Josey Josey
15 Set Off Set Off
16 Wondergirl Wondergirl
17 Fall Into Me Fall Into Me
18 Without You Without You
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