Best Hilary Duff Songs

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1 Stranger Stranger Cover Art

That's the best song from my homegirl Hilary. You can see her passion and emotion in this one.

So cool to here anytime

2 Come Clean Come Clean Cover Art

This song is my all time favourite by hilary duff. It soothes me wherever I am. The first time I heard this song I was a BIG fan of it. It tells that we should always have a dream and also the capability of achieving it. I recommend it to all hilary fans. Way to go hilary!

Personally, this is the best song by hilary duff
You should give it a try and make it to first position.
It's rhythm is so perfect that it will not go away easily from your head

Sweet and beautiful song

I just love this song..

3 Fly Fly Cover Art

This song never gets old. Its one of those songs that lifts my spirit! A true inspiration

Just love this song

4 So Yesterday So Yesterday Cover Art

Always going to be a good song, no doubt about it.

Best HD song ever in my opinion. It's the one I always come back to listening

It's a good song!

5 With Love With Love Cover Art

Love. This. Song.
This so is wicked cool. I remember seeing the commercials on television for her perfume. Smelt awesome, by the way!

6 Wake Up Wake Up Cover Art

The first song I heard, the BEST one by Hilary EVER! This one just rocks me out wherever I am... Never forgotten! Love her! Keep rocking' us! Best one ever!

I absolutely love this song. I listen to it every single day. You are my favorite singer. Love you so much!

I absolutely love this song. I listen to it every single day. Your my favorite singer.

7 What Dreams Are Made Of

I listen it every time! I love this song.

! This is the best song ever!

I love this song.

8 Someone's Watching Over Me Someone's Watching Over Me Cover Art

Superb! It's one of the best songs ever sung by hilary duff. It's magnificent! And easy to learn. We sung it in our school and we got a prize. Everybody told it was simply excellent and awesome!

It's Hilary's best song. I really love the music and the lyrics. Hilary sings the song beautifully and it seems she's confident. The song has a really great meaning.

I love this song so much. I first heard this song in the movie "raise your voice"

One of her best songs with a beautiful meaning.

9 Beat of My Heart Beat of My Heart Cover Art
10 Why Not Why Not Cover Art

This song is so upbeat and fun and carefree, ah :) great lessons behind it at the same time.

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11 Gypsy Woman Gypsy Woman Cover Art
12 Our Lips are Sealed Our Lips are Sealed Cover Art
13 I Am I Am Cover Art

Just for teens so lovely

14 Sparks Sparks Cover Art
15 Holiday Holiday Cover Art

Classy song
The best from "best of hilary duff"
The chorus is very good and anyone can automatically fall for it
Hilary duff rocks!

16 Tattoo Tattoo Cover Art
17 Reach Out

Reach out and touch me. It's all I want to say

18 All About You All About You Cover Art
19 Burned Burned Cover Art
20 Hey Now
21 Dignity Dignity Cover Art
22 Now You Know

It's a lovely song!
This was from the the lizzie mcguire movie
And I'll like to state that this song is a little different
It has abrupt pitch changes which is difficult for any ordinary singer
Also she is very sweet and soft in this song!
Love you hil!

23 Where Did I Go Right? Where Did I Go Right? Cover Art
24 Underneath This Smile Underneath This Smile Cover Art

I love her screaming, I don't know just, writing this while I'm listening

25 Metamorphosis Metamorphosis Cover Art
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