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1 Stranger

this is probably the best song of Hilary cause she has sung it more with matureness and beautifully. also the video is great....

So cool to here anytime

That's the best song from my homegirl Hilary. You can see her passion and emotion in this one. - ShyChick

Awwsmm songg.. She's lukin so sexy in music video

2 Come Clean

This song is my all time favourite by hilary duff. It soothes me wherever I am. The first time I heard this song I was a BIG fan of it. It tells that we should always have a dream and also the capability of achieving it. I recommend it to all hilary fans. Way to go hilary!

Personally, this is the best song by hilary duff
You should give it a try and make it to first position.
It's rhythm is so perfect that it will not go away easily from your head

one of her great video songs.....

My favorite Hilary Duff song, and favorite song ever

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3 Fly

Superb lyrics
Rocking tune
Amazing voice

Just love this song

This song never gets old. Its one of those songs that lifts my spirit! A true inspiration

Its the best song from hilary I can here it day and night on and on and never ge tired

4 So Yesterday

Always going to be a good song, no doubt about it.

It the best song that's she ever sang and I love her she mmy hero thanks hilary

Awesome song!

Its a good song!

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5 With Love

Love. This. Song.
This so is wicked cool. I remember seeing the commercials on television for her perfume. Smelt awesome, by the way!

This song should be top 5

6 Wake Up

The first song I heard, the BEST one by Hilary EVER! This one just rocks me out wherever I am... Never forgotten! Love her! Keep rocking' us! Best one ever!

Hilary has sung it more naturally

I absolutely love this song. I listen to it every single day. You are my favorite singer. Love you so much!

I absolutely love this song. I listen to it every single day. Your my favorite singer.

7 What Dreams Are Made Of

! This is the best song ever!

I listen it every time! I love this song.

I love this song.

I love this song so much! I can't believe that it wasnt on the list! Every time I listen to it, it makes me happier 😊 give it a try!

8 Someone's Watching Over Me

This song is amazing. Just feel the music and her voice and you'll AUTOMATICALLY fall for it. The lyrics are AWESOME!
This song should DEFINITELY be in the top 3.
Love you, hilary

Superb! It's one of the best songs ever sung by hilary duff. It's magnificent! And easy to learn. We sung it in our school and we got a prize. Everybody told it was simply excellent and awesome!

It's Hilary's best song. I really love the music and the lyrics. Hilary sings the song beautifully and it seems she's confident. The song has a really great meaning.

I love this song so much. I first heard this song in the movie "raise your voice"

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9 Beat of My Heart

she sounds very soft in this song

Very intimate and showcases Hilary's strong vocals. you GO GIRL!

1 on the charts

10 Gypsy Woman

Someone's Watching Over Me, this, and I Am is the coolest

Sounds like a teen pop song


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11 Why Not

This song is so upbeat and fun and carefree, ah :) great lessons behind it at the same time.


Awh, this should be in the top three! it's a beautiful song, and I love it!
Hilary Duff Is Amazing, and SO IS THIS SONG! <3 Big love for The DUF!

12 I Am

Just for teens so lovely

I love Hilary and her boice is too cool - iksh


13 Sparks

It's a great song how its not in the top ten

14 Holiday

Classy song
The best from "best of hilary duff"
The chorus is very good and anyone can automatically fall for it
Hilary duff rocks!

15 Our Lips are Sealed
16 Reach Out

it definitely deserves to be in the top ten because the song brings hilary in a complete contrast character to her previous songs. she looks and sounds like a young and hot popstar....

Reach out and touch me. It's all I want to say


17 All About You

Awesome song,must in top 10

It is sooo catchy

18 Tattoo
19 Burned
20 Hey Now
21 Chasing the Sun

I love to chase the sun to. GREAT SONG😎😜

22 Dignity

a great song with a little rock music

Always awesome to hear this album

her bestt

23 Now You Know

It's a lovely song!
This was from the the lizzie mcguire movie
And I'll like to state that this song is a little different
It has abrupt pitch changes which is difficult for any ordinary singer
Also she is very sweet and soft in this song!
Love you hil!

24 Where Did I Go Right?
25 Underneath This Smile

Awesome...awesome...words are not actually required to explain the beauty of the song...

I love her screaming, I don't know just, writing this while I'm listening

26 Metamorphosis
27 Anywhere But Here

Typical 00s pop rock

28 Rock This World
29 Who's That Girl?
30 Weird
31 Crash World

Best song she rocks!

32 Breathe In. Breathe Out.

Deserves a higher position.

33 Haters
34 My Kind

This song is so heartwarming, and the chorus just gives you a joyride to the stars. The instrumental has perfect dynamics making the climax just right. This is supposed to be in the Top 5!

35 Shine

Shine is incredible
Just feel the music along with her voice
You will just fall for it
This song is amazing and I recommend it to all the hilary fans!

36 Sweet Sixteen

I can't wait to be sixteen :) I love you so much hilary!

37 Play With Fire
38 I Wish
39 Break My Heart
40 What Christmas Should Be

It's a really beautiful song...

41 One In a Million
42 Confetti
43 Lies
44 Arms Around a Memory
45 Picture This
46 Night Like This
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