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21 Sparks

It's a great song how its not in the top ten

22 Now You Know

It's a lovely song!
This was from the the lizzie mcguire movie
And I'll like to state that this song is a little different
It has abrupt pitch changes which is difficult for any ordinary singer
Also she is very sweet and soft in this song!
Love you hil!

23 Where Did I Go Right?
24 Underneath This Smile

Awesome...awesome...words are not actually required to explain the beauty of the song...

I love her screaming, I don't know just, writing this while I'm listening

25 Rock This World
26 Who's That Girl?
27 Weird
28 Chasing the Sun V 1 Comment
29 Haters
30 Metamorphosis
31 My Kind
32 Breathe In. Breathe Out.

Deserves a higher position.

33 Shine

Shine is incredible
Just feel the music along with her voice
You will just fall for it
This song is amazing and I recommend it to all the hilary fans!

34 Sweet Sixteen

I can't wait to be sixteen :) I love you so much hilary!

35 Play With Fire
36 I Wish
37 Crash World

Best song she rocks!

38 Break My Heart
39 What Christmas Should Be

It's a really beautiful song...

40 One In a Million
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