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21 Sparks

It's a great song how its not in the top ten

22 Now You Know

It's a lovely song!
This was from the the lizzie mcguire movie
And I'll like to state that this song is a little different
It has abrupt pitch changes which is difficult for any ordinary singer
Also she is very sweet and soft in this song!
Love you hil!

23 Where Did I Go Right?
24 Underneath This Smile

Awesome...awesome...words are not actually required to explain the beauty of the song...

I love her screaming, I don't know just, writing this while I'm listening

25 Rock This World
26 Who's That Girl?
27 Weird
28 Chasing the Sun V 1 Comment
29 Haters
30 Metamorphosis
31 My Kind
32 Shine

Shine is incredible
Just feel the music along with her voice
You will just fall for it
This song is amazing and I recommend it to all the hilary fans!

33 Sweet Sixteen

I can't wait to be sixteen :) I love you so much hilary!

34 Play With Fire
35 I Wish
36 Crash World

Best song she rocks!

37 Break My Heart
38 What Christmas Should Be

It's a really beautiful song...

39 One In a Million
40 Confetti
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