Top Ten Best Hinder Songs

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1 Lips of an Angel

I guess we never really moved on.

They might know hinder but they know lips of an angel

I love just this song

A few can relate

2 Better Than Me

The songs really good and has loads of meaning in its lyrics. Really helps me to express my feelings when I miss my girlfriend. A must hear for all those who likes emotional rock songs.

3 Without You
4 Get Stoned
5 How Long
6 All American Nightmare

My favorite song and should be #1 on this list

7 By the Way
8 Born to Be Wild
9 Use Me
10 Up All Night

The Contenders

11 What Ya Gonna Do
12 Homecoming Queen
13 Everybody's Wrong

This is the best song by this group... Austin voice is so perfect and full of emotions... Love this song... Love hinder

14 Room 21
15 Take It to the Limit
16 Loaded and Alone
17 The Life

How is this not in the top ten it's a great song

18 Heaven Sent
19 Take Me Home Tonight
20 Red Tail Lights V 1 Comment
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1. Born to Be Wild
2. How Long
3. Without You
1. Lips of an Angel
2. Get Stoned
3. Up All Night
1. Lips of an Angel
2. Better Than Me
3. How Long

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