Best Hindi Rock Songs by Rock Bands

List will include all top hindi rock songs by Indian as well as Pakistani Rock bands.

The Top Ten

1 Aadat

Atif Aslam is best greatest singer in the world.

Atif aslam is best greatest singer in the world.

The original version of Aadat by The Pakistani Rock Band "JAL" with Atif Aslam on Vocals was something that was no less then amazing!. Even the guitar riff was very sober and played to perfection. The songs evergreen, and was a Instant hit in the whole Subcontinent region! - adyonfire4

An artists first n best rock performance alter it to no end and play better evrytime...

2 Woh Lamhey

A well desverved 2nd from JAL - adyonfire4

Sharm3n this song is so nice

3 Main laut Aoonga

By the Indian Rock Band KAASH - adyonfire4

4 Abhi Na Jaa
5 Roko Na Mujhe

Amazing song by Sifar!

Rocking song by Sifar

Great song by Sifar band

Great song by Sifar

6 Bhulado
7 Shayad
8 Pareshan
9 Dheere Dheere - Antariksh

Beautiful lyrics and guitars playing

The most authentic Hindi Rock band that I've heard in last 3 years!

Hindi rock at it's best. Hear these guys at India Today's Youth Summit. Killer band..

10 Choo Lo

This was the best song I ever heard. Beautiful and heart touching lyrics. Just awesome man!

By The Local Train - adyonfire4

The Contenders

11 Dekh Bawari - Ahhirann

Top best song. Ahhirann creates amazing originals. Dekh Bawari is one of the best collections. Please want to see a music video for this song.

This song is one of the best songs by Ahhirann. Magical music

The best so far the best song and I would love to see the music video of this awesome song

Best song heard after a long time. Very good music and singing

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12 Saari Raat Jaga
13 Ooncha
14 Bol
15 Nishaan
16 I Am a Road Survivor - Ahhirann

Rocking and the best English Heavy Metal song of India

17 Undivided Attention Chahiye - Ahhirann

Super rocking fast garage punk, Rock and roll at its best. Ahhirann Rocks

18 Aashayein - Antariksh
19 Karmah - Punkh

Awesome new sound of Hindi Rock!

What a song boys loveee it

20 Tum - Antariksh
21 Aisa Hi Hota Hai - Antariksh
22 Duur - Strings
23 Intezaar - Antariksh
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