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81 Shadyxv - Eminem


82 King - Kollegah
83 Black Sunday - Cypress Hill
84 Late Registration - Kanye West

Kanye West best album ever made! It had a lot of amazing hits like Gold Digger and Touch The Sky, along with Hey Mama which is definitely a heart warming song! Features such artists like The Game, Nas, Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco and Jamie Foxx!

The greatest hip hop album ever made! It has all of Kanye's massive hits on here, Gold Digger, Touch the Sky and Diamonds from Sierra Leone ft. Jay-Z!

The greatest hip hop album ever made! Hip Hop is definitely dead now, but Kanye is one of the very few! Who have kept it breathing!

It certainly beats previous work done by most rappers, and itself has made a name in the hip hop industry!

85 18th Letter - Rakim
86 Below the Heavens - Blu & Exile
87 Damn. - Kendrick Lamar

Fantastic! Just like all of Kendrick's art. Its not Kendrick's best album but I think its worthy of top 20 hip hop albums of all time. He really lets his emotions out and talks about pressing issues facing America in 2017. Kendrick is a creative and lyrical genius.

88 The Art of War - Bone Thugs n Harmony

This in my opinion is their greatest album. A mix of amazing hits and a unique setting, The first disc is called World War 1 and the second World War 2. But its not about that, all the songs are pretty good from this album!

The unique style of Bone Thugs is amazing, the songs of this album are better than all their other albums, and that's what makes it special!

The greatest bone Thugs album, it is better than East 1999! Trust me! It has Thug love with 2Pac If I could teach the world!

89 Nellyville - Nelly

The album debuted at number one on the Billboard charts with 714,000 records sold in its first week and remained in the top spot for 4 weeks. It was also nominated for "Album of the Year" at the 2003 Grammys. The album was certified 6x - platinum by the RIAA on June 9, 2003 and 4x platinum by the CRIA (400,000 copies) in December 2002. Nellyville has gone at least gold or platinum in over 30 countries. All of the big hits are on here: Air Force Ones, #1, Hot In Here and even Pimp Juice! This album is so good!

Nelly is an amazing rapper and this album should be up there will All eyez on me and Illmatic, it made multi platinum and has a lot of mad songs!

Has all my favorite Nelly songs, Pimp Juice, Air Force Ones and even #1 is a good song. It also sold a lot of albums around the world!

It's a shame that this isn't in the top ten, people don't appreciate Nelly and what he has done for the music industry!

90 Compton - Dr. Dre

Average for dr dr dre

91 Black On Both Sides - Mos Def

Has 2 of the BEST rap songs of all time: "Mathematics" and "Hip Hop"

Mos Def's best, and his best is top 10

92 Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album, Pt. 1 - Lupe Fiasco
93 Planktonweed Tape - Spongebozz
94 Tha Carter IV - Lil Wayne
95 Da Roach - Dope D.O.D.
96 Darkness - Twiztid
97 Ironman - Ghostface Killah
98 Take Care - Drake

You can listen to every track on this album without skipping!

Lol, drake

99 Ceza - Med Cezir
100 The Great Adventures of Slick Rick - Slick Rick

The golden age of hip-hop in its prime. The best solo emcee of the time and his best album.
A classic

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