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21 Suburban Noize Records
22 Grand Hustle

Most underrated label. Has many great rapper

I'm with hustle gang 100% of the way no matter what

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23 Wyte Music
24 Suave House

Was the First independent southern rap label

Gay - KrazzyMadd

Tony Draper created the label in the 90's. Memphis duo, 8Ball and MJG were signed in 1990. Other rappers include Tela, South Circle and Crime boss. However in early 2000's 8Ball and MJG left the label, the label hasn't received the same success.

25 Interscope Records

How come this ain't in the top 10?
Are people growin deaf? This label is legendary!

26 Stones Throw Records
27 Visionary Music Group

Logic got his start here, signed with definitely jam and is gonna be one of the top rappers in a year or two

Though Visonary does not have many artist signed to it, I guarantee that the artist already signed, will be known as the greatest of their time. Mark my words.

28 Taylor Gang Records

Great Record Label with some of the Best rappers of our generation.

Best stoner record label

T.G.O. D Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Chevy Woods, Berner... Founder Wiz Khalifa Best Record Label Ever

Gang gang!

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29 Majik Ninja Entertainment
30 Rhymesayers

I am embarrassed that this is at 22. THIS IS THE BEST RECORD LABEL THAT HAS EVER EXISTED THE ONLY REASON ITS NOT NUMBER ONE IS BECAUSE YOU NEANDERTHALS haven't LISTENED TO THE RIGHT SONGS. ATMOSPHERE - 1597, sound is vibration, scapegoat, gods bathroom floor, yesterday, sunshine... EYEDEA - monster inside, song about a song, my day at the brain factory, the void (internal theory), weird side, hard headed, exhausted love, paradise... THE DYNOSPECTRUM - breath of fresh, anything is everything... BLUEPRINT - radio inactive.. That's not even the tip of the iceberg but I doubt many of you will actually take the time and listen to the songs above, all I can say about that is I pity you.

-Brandon Buckingham

Rymesayers has, by far the most lyrically gifted, hard working, and influential names in the hip hop, rap, or whatever you wanna call the game. Although their not seen on MTV or most public radio stations around the world, they deserve all the respect and credentials that can be possibly given. If you have real love for the music then you know, Rymesayers is number one on the list.

Atmosphere, eyedea, brother ali, sage francis, evidence. Need I say more

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31 No Limit

Don't want rap label No Limit Records

No limit was that back n the late 90's, only label I remember them older cats I ran around with growing up had tatted on em lol

No limit was like the best rap label master p did movies his son is a rapper his brothers were rappers

Wha t..l ol you people must not have listened to no limi t..n o limit easily had the dopest rappers and klc and beats by the pound made the best beat s..l ol 95% of people who listen to rap don't know s%#t about rap musi c..c razy

32 Definitive Jux

Has a style that is the one of the most influential but at the same time extremely difficult to replicate.

33 Coke Boys Records
34 Black Wall Street
35 Rawkus

Big L, Mos definitely, Talib Kweli and Hi-Teck do I need to say more?

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36 Warner Music Group


37 Real Life Music Group
38 Lench Mob

Should bring it bacc

No vaseline

Love ice cube ❤️

39 Psychopathic Records
40 Trill Entertainment


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