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81 What You Know - T.I.

"What You Know" is the greatest hip-hop song of all time because he disses Lil Flip hardcore. Not just because of the dissing, but of his lyrics. He can murder anyone in a rap battle.

82 Beautiful - Eminem

You don't know what music is about before you listen to this song.

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83 Mind Playing Tricks On Me - Geto Boys

This is one of the most important hip hop songs of all time and its at 107. that's bad. Honestly ashamed that any Lil Wayne or Drake song is above this. This should be at least top 10

Take 5 minutes out of your life and listen to this classic, it's a gem. Easily one of the greatest hip hop songs of all time

The second best Hip Hop song of all time and the best Hip Hop song of the 1990's. - Rambles

top track

84 The Blacker the Berry - Kendrick Lamar
85 Alright - Kendrick Lamar
86 I - Kendrick Lamar

This is a very positive and happy sounding song. It makes me feel good whenever I hear it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is in a bad mood to make them feel better

Simply a classic.

87 Who Got Da Props? - Black Moon

Classic Hip Hop from members of Boot Camp - demoz5

88 Sabotage - Beastie Boys

The only true white rappers

89 Bedrock - Young Money
90 Sky's the Limit - Lil Wayne
91 World With No Hero - Mad G

Cool. still can be better, but it's cool

This is his first rap song, and for the first it's the best!

You can listen to this music by going to his soundcloud.

I liked it, his hook and some parts of his verses

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92 Runaway - Kanye West V 1 Comment
93 Without Me - Eminem

He just has fun with this song it's awesome - ScorpiusYT

94 Bring the Pain - Method Man

first single off of his debut album Tical - demoz5

95 Mood Swing - Asheru

Chill song laid back and fresh lyrics - demoz5

96 Revolutionary - Immortal Technique
97 American Boy - Estelle
98 The Humpty Dance - Digital Underground
99 Money to Blow - Birdman, Lil Wayne & Drake V 1 Comment
100 One Love - Nas
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