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81 Bedrock - Young Money
82 Sky's the Limit - Lil Wayne
83 Ye Rooze Khoob Miad - Hichkas V 3 Comments
84 World With No Hero - Mad G

Cool. still can be better, but it's cool

This is his first rap song, and for the first it's the best!

You can listen to this music by going to his soundcloud.

I liked it, his hook and some parts of his verses

V 5 Comments
85 I - Kendrick Lamar V 1 Comment
86 Runaway - Kanye West V 1 Comment
87 Without Me - Eminem

He just has fun with this song it's awesome - ScorpiusYT

88 Bring the Pain - Method Man

first single off of his debut album Tical - demoz5

89 Mood Swing - Asheru

Chill song laid back and fresh lyrics - demoz5

90 American Boy - Estelle
91 The Humpty Dance - Digital Underground
92 Money to Blow - Birdman, Lil Wayne & Drake V 1 Comment
93 One Love - Nas
94 Made You Look - Nas
95 They Reminisce Over You - Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth

Criminal this song is not in the top 10, one of the very best

Greatest Hip Hop song of all time!

No song in this day and age could EVER top this PLATINUM material song! No YMCMB, 2 Chainz, Chris Brown, etc could make ANYTHING remotely close! Lupe added on to the legand props to him as well.

V 1 Comment
96 Gin and Juice - Snoop Dogg

How is Gin and Juice all the way down here? This should be in the top 15. Appreciate the Doggy Dogg.

97 Sokoot - Bahram


98 The Blacker the Berry - Kendrick Lamar
99 Me Against the World - 2pac
100 Mutha Made 'Em - Smokin' Suckaz wit Logic

Intense. The song builds up slowly until it reaches its inevitable climax.
Simply a great song, not only for Hip-Hop fans. Worth checking it out! - Gulf5

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