Best Historical Periods

Humans have been on Earth for 250,000 years. What was the best and most interesting historical period?

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41 Victorian Era

The beginning of the Victorian era wasn't great, no electricity, child slavery (child workhouses), But at the end of the Victorian Era At least there was a reform of child "work" houses, bit by bit, Parliament looked into it and the hours were reduced eventually leading to children no longer being in the work place and going to school where kids belong.

The more humble you were, the higher your class was...Dark and aristocratic...

42 Triassic Period
43 Manifest Destiny

I don't know what years this happened but I live in the American west so I assume it was good

Nope not really

44 Crusades

That's when religion came into play, wouldn't you be interested in seeing how it played out

45 The Romantic Era (1800-1850)

Containing the French Revolution, and backed by some of the greatest artists and composers that ever lived, it makes for a dazzling display of art and culture. - higgsboson2142

46 Regency Era
47 South American Conquest

"really interesting and under-loved period with battles and blood sacrifices! "

Yeah cause everyone loves the possibility of being killed and sacreficed to the gods or just for fun

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48 Russian Revolution

Showed the power of the people and optimism, and sadly the true natural nature of humans on the negative side absolute power... corrupts absolutely as they say.
Fascinating experiment with communism, fascinating way of fighting for control within the system, for as different as it is to us now, like feudal systems are fascinating for the same reason

49 Great Depression

The depression is one of the most awesome time periods to study, I wish there was a time machine...

The great depression sounds like so much FUN!

Really people our economy was so dang low 85% of Americans ran off of wellfare

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50 Rashidun Caliphate

Personally I love history but my favourite was the amazing caliphate of the Rashidun.
This is one of the best Caliphates in history.

51 Ice Age

I agree! Big movie fan

All the Ice and cold weather. Just amazing

That's when Manny,Diego and Sid were alive. What more could you ask for. Not to mention Scrat.

52 1940-1947

It was, mostly a bad time but it was the road to ending ww2 and the rebuild after

53 Cretaceous Period

About 65 million years ago when Dinosaurs roamed the earth;P

54 Oil Age
55 Feudal Japan

Back when the samurai and shinobi fought to gain control of Japan.

More than those factions there so many it would take many spaces to type it out and this was a bad point in history

Interesting period of time although it is kind of in the time period of the Middle ages but whatever

56 Prohibition Era

Back when gangsters were all the rage especially the Italian-American Mafia. - jezza0

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57 Permian Period

One of the best (or worst) places to be in. Starting around 300 million years ago, this period had the famous Pangaea and Panthalassa. It also had an animal with plates on its back. Not Stegosaurus, but something a bit different - Dimetrodon. It ended around 200 million years ago. The ending was the worst EVER in geological history. Imagine a land with a volcano, a forest and a desert. Imagine there were animals there. Then imagine the same land but the volcano has erupted, acid rain is falling from the sky, it's night every hour of the day, lots and lots of toxic gigantic clouds and a meteor is on a collision course with the land near you. It would be very awful - RIGHT?

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