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21 Geocaching

Outdoor treasure hunt using a GPS. Geocaching is awesome!

22 Coding

Don't waste your sparetime. you even make money with it

23 Card Collecting
24 Drawing
25 Juggling

I suck at this hobby. - FinnsWorld

26 Parkour

I What To Try A New Hobbie That I Never Tried Before And It Is My Dream Of Doing It To Fellow My Dream And It Parkour Free Running To Climb On Top Of Something And Jump Off And If There Is Anyone Out There In The World A Like A Young Teen Boy Or Any Cute Guy Please Help Me Out To Fellow My Dream New Hobbie

27 Stamp Collecting
28 RC Cars
29 Crocheting
30 Bike Riding

Yeah I love this - Righteous

31 Fishing

The most relaxing and exiting thing of all time

32 Singing

Great hobby to have for those whom are gifted with a beautiful voice. Unfortunately I can't even mime in tune or sing any song in my head in tune. Not sure I can even talk in tune. *sigh* - Britgirl

It's considered a sport for competitions, but not a physical sport. Vocal

33 Diecast Car Collecting
34 Dating

It's the most popular hobby.

35 Collecting Antiques
36 Sleeping
37 Handball
38 Stargazing
39 Freestyle BMX

I love flatland freestyle bmx, badass hobby yo

40 Watching TV

My hobbie is watching T.V.

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