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1 Christmas

I personally love Christmas although children think its all about the presents it is but the other reason is to celebrate with your family and appreciate what they have done for you


I absolutely love Christmas! There's just something special about waking up early with your family and opening gifts by the fire.

Christmas is the best holiday for most of Christians. I really think it's very awesome that we sang Christmas songs, open the presents, build a snowman, etc. Do you guys think it's awesome to do that kind of stuff in this holiday? - SpinelliFan

While all holidays are certainly special, out of the ones my family celebrates, Christmas is hands-down (the chimney) my favourite. It's a time for family to come together and to look back on the past while also looking towards the future. Also, even at 14 years old, the timeless tale of Santa Claus still lives on in my heart. And I can speak for myself writing this on Christmas Day that the magic is just as prevalent and ever. - JayJayPlane

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2 Halloween Halloween

Halloween is the best.

I just love halloween. You get to go out and dress up as whatever you want to, scare people, get scared, get delicious treats, watch horror movies and all that. I also love the days leading up to halloween because of cider donuts, country stores, haunted houses, pumpkin patches and so many other fun and cozy things to do. Halloween is by far my favorite holiday.

I'm such a fan of the theme and the fact that it's in my favorite season is pretty much a win-win for me. - ezylemon

There are so many options of things to do on Halloween.

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3 Birthday

I love to celebrate my birthday even though there is not enough presents for me. What's important is spending time with my family!

Of course this is the best day came to the Earth yes me ice cube actually Ice Cube

Birthdays are pretty fun! You get treated like a king or queen (depending on your gender). You get gifts, you can do whatever you want, and you get more rights as you get older. I always look forward to my birthday. - Stazemar000

You can get treated like you,re the king using your army of Birthday presents to fight a war against other presents and even get to pig out on cake and eat all of it until you get full.

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4 Thanksgiving

I don't like this holiday that much, especially if you don't like them and have to hold back from starting a fight with one of my cousins. - ezylemon

What in the world! This should be number one. You get the family time just like Christmas but with better food and the children focus on thankfulness rather than their selfish desires. Halloween should not even be on here because it is not even a holiday. Can't beat thanksgiving though.

Yes it's a great holiday but, Christmas isn't meant to be greedy over presents it's meant to celebrate the day of Jesus's birth!

The Macy's Parade, holiday music on the radio, and the huge turkey dinner

Seriously! This holiday is better than Halloween, what with Shaving Cream. Also, why is Valentine's Day Above this. Thanksgiving is in the beautiful Autumn, while Valentine's Day falls right in the middle of winter! - Curtis_Huber

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5 Easter

Easter is the best holiday ever even though my aunt died on Easter I am so glad it is on different days each year

I love Easter because you get so many chocolates! Christmas is good too, but Easter is just THE BEST! - taylorswift24878

I am a Hindu but I love Easter

Easter and Christmas are about Jesus and family. Easter IS THE BEST

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6 New Year's Eve

Ball drop and Vegas!

I love New Year's so much! Last year we had so much candy and presents and party hats and I GOT A PUPPY - Puppytart

Dude that's the time you get to stay up late and have a party before new year's day

In Russia, it's better than Christmas - GreenDayFan21

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7 Valentine's Day

This should NOT be on this list because it is really Dumb

I like valentines day...its not just about being in a relationship, you know! :/ It's a good day to show people you care about them. Also, I admit, I'm a sucker for all the pink (pink is my favorite color). It makes me sad to read the comments on this one...I mean, yes, relationships are wonderful. But you should still enjoy this holiday even without relationships, along with christmas its basicly a day about love :D Just with a bit more pink, which honestly makes me smile haha. There's not enough love in the world, so two days for caring about and loving others is great in my book.

...Now if only we could just all be friends even when it isn't a holiday...

Why would you like Valentines day, its just another normal day where single people feel bad about them selves when they don't have a date and when you do have a date you always end up brokenhearted.

Valentines day is a day that allows you to prove and show how muchyou love someone (buy a lot of tissues for single people like me...IT GETS UGLY O-O)

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8 Last Day of School / Graduation

This is not even a holiday. This is just a special event! - Chris2285

Especially when you're a senior!

Definitely! It's a significant point in your life! - PositronWildhawk

It should be number one I don't like school at all!

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9 Independence Day

Talk about patriotism. you can have a pool party or a firework show or just some gathering. its like new years eve but you don't even have to make resolutions and you can go swimming


I liked this because it an only holiday to legally pop firecracker

Kicks new years eve in the butt

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10 New Year's Day

I Like it

I love New Years

Me during the countdown: FIVE FOUR THRE TWO ONE
Me at the moment:AAAH!



(virtually dead at the end x_x)

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11 April Fool's Day

Lol this is tomorrow. - Userguy44

Put it on a cloud and drop it. (Pineapple in a small cotton box) April fools! - mathguy37

it is fun

NO THIS shouldn't BE HERE! You get pranked a lot. And it's NOT fun! I almost got hacked on April fools day! - NoOreoForU

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12 St. Patrick's Day

This is my second favorite holiday! Good old Irish folks.

13 Mother's Day

My mom is so beautiful I love her this is the day I give 1,000,000,000...(googolplex zeros) times the love I give her - mathguy37

14 Boxing Day

It's the British and Australian name for the day after Christmas. - JayJayPlane

What In the world is boxing day?

15 Eid ul-Fitr

Pure awesomeness. Eid makes me feel special

In Eid ul-Fitr you get free money from your relatives. - Pulok573

Eid ul-Fitr is the best celebration.

Eid I like a second birthday

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16 Chinese New Year

I'm Asian I love this! We go visit relatives, have parties and we kids get money in red envelopes!

17 Bonfire Night

It's my birthday

18 May Day


19 Lincoln's Birthday

Abraham Lincoln, the one with good intentions.

Abe Lincoln or Lincoln Loud from the Loud House - TheRedstoneWiz

20 Ramadan

Ramadan is a blessed month in which Muslims around the world fast. There are people in this world with no food, imagine how life must be for them as we all eat everyday and waste food.

you fast

21 Pi Day Pi Day

Absolutely I'll wear my pi t-shirt every this holiday and I really hate they celebrate the other version of pi..! - Kevinsidis

It was usually the best on year 1592 because without the / and the first one is a. it is 3.141592 which are the ones and the first 6 decimal places - mathguy37

22 Christmas Eve

The day before Christmas is always a blast

At night I wake up and deliver presents

23 Star Wars Day

How is this #27 and why is Solo a star wars story being released on the 25th?!

24 Hanukkah

Because it sucks.

Why isent this higher?!?!

25 Black Friday

Love shopping, hate the lines and crowds.

Pretty racist to put this at the bottom

No, black Friday doesn't mean colored people Friday. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving people go on shopping sprees. - Ilovestephanie

26 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day


27 Father's Day


28 Passover

Passover is when God led Moses and the Israelites out of Egypt.

What the heck is Passover? LOL

This doesn't exist... - Goatworlds

29 Labor Day
30 Holi

Ya holi! you get to put colored powder

31 Groundhog Day

Groundhog day is AWESOME!

I don't get the point of this holiday. A groundhog seeing its shadow? That's pretty dumb.

Groundhogs Day is my birthday!

LoL I agree

32 May the Fourth

Star wars should be celebrated for ever

Like May 4th because it’s Star Wars day and it’s my birthday - PackFan2005

33 Arbor Day
34 Friendship Day
35 National Doughnut Day

Free donuts from Dunkin nothing gets better than that

36 Leif Erikson Day

No, SpongeBob did not create this holiday. - Ilovestephanie

37 International Men’s Day
38 Purim

The happyest time of year

Its kind of like halaween but.insted of spooky its happy.people dress up there is partys and you give out candy and presidnts and exchange things there is music and everyone dances.its really fun

39 Rooster Day
40 National Bird Day

Really? What kind of holiday is this?

To be honest I hate birds

41 Hunting Season

Not even a holiday! - vega_pride

42 Diwali / Divali

This is the best festival also known as festival of lights.

43 Dyngus Day

I suppose only my fellow Polska's will appreciate this x)

44 Veteran's Day

Great holiday...should be really higher

45 Pancake Day

Pancakes are the best everybody loves them their good

46 Halfoween

You don't need to wait a whole year til Halloween, so Halfoween is right in front of you, it falls on May 1.

47 Kwanzaa
48 Yule
49 Vesak
50 Qingming Festival

I only like this because:

-We're Chinese and my family celebrates this
-my CA relatives comes over to visit sometimes
-it's also really close to my birthday (both are just a few days apart) so I celebrate my birthday around this time as well

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