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1 I Need a Doctor

The song would have not have the impact it did if it wasnt for Skylar. Love the composition of all artists Dre, Eminem.

Love the song Eminem was amazing dre was great skylar was ok I'm here for Eminem only so jk skylar did fantastic in this song really great voice

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2 Coming Home

Coming Home is an amazing song with fantastic lyrics, and the combination of skylar and diddy in this duo made an extraordinary song.

3 Where'd You Go Where'd You Go

This song is pretty catchy

4 Love The Way You Lie

Skylar has written all three versions of "Love the Way You Lie" by Rihanna and Eminem - MatrixGuy

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5 Wreak Havoc
6 Wear Me Out
7 Coming Home Part 2

This one is also waay better than the one with diddy... The one with diddy shouldt even be on this list cause it's a song from diddy featuring skylar and not reversed!

8 I Know You

Come on! Have you guys seriously not heard this song? It's absolutely beautiful! Her voice is so vulnerable and real. You can hear the pain, helplessness and hope. Its believable and lyrically, it just touches you.

Flowing, melting, submerging and dissolving I am in this song or it in me. Absolute roofblow.

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9 Words I Never Said

This song is not only emotional but also in a strange way very calming. The lyrics and voice is amazing! One of my all time favorite.

The lyrics, her voice, and the feelings!
Skylar Grey is effing perfect. - asmitaverma

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10 S***, Man!

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? The Last Day The Last Day

This song is a hidden gem. The lyrics are deep and it has been sung beautifully by Skylar Grey.

? Invisible Invisible

This song is great... The clip is cool too...

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11 Final Warning
12 Slowly Freaking Out Slowly Freaking Out
13 Love the Way You Lie (Part III)

In my opinion the best

14 C'mon Let Me Ride

Seeing her in the music video to quote Eminem makes my slinky go the dong dong dong

Come on Let Me Ride feat. Eminem from the album "Don't Look Down"

15 Glow In the Dark
16 What I Wouldn't Give
17 Wanted
18 Words
19 Kill for You
20 Giving It Up for You
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1. Wreak Havoc
2. I Know You
3. I Need a Doctor
1. I Need a Doctor
2. Coming Home
3. Love The Way You Lie
1. S***, Man!
2. Wear Me Out
3. Final Warning



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