I love T25! I keep waiting for the workouts to get easier, but they get harder and I sweat more because I push myself harder and my form gets better every day. I truly am inspired by the set up, the short time frames, the bursts and resting periods, and Shaun T himself. Again, I LOVE IT!

I was never one to workout, let alone workout at 5:30 AM before work. T25 is worth waking up for. I actually don't dread getting out of bed! I've lost weight, but most importantly inches and feel like I'm getting in the best shape in a long time. I've just begun Beta. Oh, I'm 51 years old.

Love, love, love this program! It's genius. Short, sweet, and to the point. Just starting the last week of Alpha phase and my clothes are so much looser than when I started. The modifications are great, too, so everyone can do it.

Just as good as Insanity with no breaks and no stretching. It takes 45 minutes and condenses it to 25! Even gives options to modify. I've lost 12 pounds in the middle of the 4th week so far. 6 more weeks to go!

I have T25 and continue to use it. Not so tough as P90X and those, but hard enough that you are dripping with sweat when you are done and only 25 minutes needed. Something I can keep up with. - byronshell

T25 is unlike any other workout video I've tried. Yes, there is Insanity, and it is insane, but I like this better. It only occupies 25 minutes of your day, and targets each muscle in your body.

Love this workout! There's no excuse to not find 25 minutes to exercise. This is perfect for the busy person who wants to make fitness a priority but has struggled to find the time.

I've been doing T25 for a year, and I'm not bored with it. Who could be bored when you see results! A great program. Shaun T keeps me motivated throughout the workout to give my best.

I'm on week two and WOW, this workout gets your heart rate up in about 5 minutes! Stays up the entire 25 minutes! LOVE this workout!

Such a great program! Lost weight fast! Just started week 8 (repeating Alpha phase so I nail each exercise). Can't wait to start Beta in a few weeks.

I have been doing T25 last 2 years. I have other programs but cannot part with T25 for anything. For me, it is the most effective program I ever did and I did all from your list.

I just finished alpha cycle and have lost 9 lbs along with several inches all over. This program works! Best part you's only 25 min a day!

Love the fact that its only 25 min! I've done insanity also but you can get the same results with T25. Eat right and stay after it! Great workout!

Having completed most of the workouts on this list I must say T25 was one of the more challenging even at only 25 minutes. Really forces the focus where it belongs.

The most effective program in only 25 minutes. It worths and most people can do it. I've tried insanity and asylum but I've gotten better results with T25 gamma

LOVE Shaun T. And LOVE that I can get my really great workout done in 25 minutes! Insanity would be my number 2 pick!

I ABsolutely love the FOCUS T25. Focusing on your core and form at high intensity levels burns an extreme amount of calories. The Alpha to Gamma phases, which incorporate weights and cardio, increase your coordination, speed and strength for overall fitness! - wypowell

I have lost 2 pants sizes and 10lbs in the first 30 days and I love it. Mom of 2. One is special needs. Its perfect for Moms!

I am really enjoying T-25! The workouts are hard and intense! Some of the them are even fun and the time flies.

Surprisingly difficult (in a good way) my girlfriend is very much as shape, and she can barely keep up.

Improve your health and nutrition in just 10 weeks, 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week! What's not to LOVE!

Loving this workout! A challenging workout for only 25 minutes and the results are amazing!

Love T25! If your wanting to see result you will definitely get them with this workout.

I was afaid to do Insanity. But this workout is AWESOME! Shaun T succeeds at pushing you to the next level. You can't beat a 5 day workout at 25 minutes (even though the 5th day is a double) all in the comfort of your home

Best shape of my life doing this program and went on to t25 gamma. Great for leaning but not for muscle gain.