Insanity changed my life and my fitness. I thought I reached the peak my fitness and then along came insanity. I've never felt as fit or as strong. My journey has now been shared with so many others on a similar journey. I am now an insanity live instructor, I see individuals of all shapes and sizes taking their journey further. It's amazing to watch. The beauty of this programme is how You feel the psychological and physical need to give up yet that inner voice just keeps you going. If you've never done this programme don't be put off they're are plenty of options for beginners to advanced- be warned your fitness is about to take a serious boost!

63 days, no equipment, killer workout. I started in order to get into shape and lower cholesterol. It worked. I had bad knees and couldn't bend over to tie my shoes without being short of breath from the pressure on my gut. After 1x through and then a hybrid of P90 and Insanity the gut was almost gone (-5") and Cholesterol down 37 pts

I am a Yoga and a naturopathy Doctor from India and doing my 3 rd week Insanity and am loving it... it's tough as hell but I can see my strength increase my confidence increase... the way different muscle are used to work out is really fascinating and you can feel those things that's amazing... I have not lost weight very much but I can see myself getting fitter may be as the workout goes on I might start loosing weight... Shaun T is a motivation machine amazing work... thank you

If you want to get lean - this is the program for you! It's important to change up your workout every 90 days at the most, do when I'm done with Insanity (only 60 days), I move on to something else, but always come back to Insanity! It makes everything else seem easy.

I absolutely love Insanity. The only thing is that it is hard to try and keep myself doing workouts at home. I love how it uses no equipment. I prefer Insanity to most of the programs out there. I also love Body Pump and Body Combat. Insanity is like having a personal trainer with U.Shane T is awesome for motivation. I recommend this program to anyone looking for an extra push in their workout.

Best workout program I found so far... Doing it almost every morning for more then a year now. You don't have to think about it, just press play and follow a long... The motivational talks are awesome to push yourself...

Insanity is THE best home workout I've ever done. I'm left in a sweaty mess and I burn so many calories, I can't possibly count them all. If you ask how many people have done insanity you will see many reply with a YES and that they loved it.

I have completed many rounds of insanity and trained my varsity girls softball team with insanity and have always been pushed to my limit and then some by Shaun T. I can now @ 45 run a 7 minute mile like I did in my 20's.

I love this program so much I got certified to teach it. My first class starts tomorrow with over 60 registered. Most of those registered have only seen the infomercial...maybe.

I just started the program and even though I am grossly overweight I am loving the hope it gives me every time I do it. Like I know if I can push myself to get through each day of Insanity I can get the body I want.

Body weight exercises are all that you need. The list is for home workouts, but really you can do these anywhere. You only need motivation. Once you start the program and commit, you will not want to stop. - repoulin

This is truly hardcore but at the same time accessible to anyone. No equipment is required, except a bit of floor space and a T.V.. During the workouts you can easily take breaks (and you are in fact encouraged to do so) if you feel too exhausted and then get back into it, driven on by Shaun T's encouragements. You will get fitter if you do this workout program. Guaranteed.

I'm torn between P90X and Insanity...but, at the end of the day, as others have mentioned you just have to bring yourself for Insanity - no equipment. And NO other workout has me dripping in sweat like Insanity. Most - if not all - of the moves are easy to understand and get the form correct, but you learn to go "your own pace", push yourself, and dig deeper!

I've done three rounds of Insanity plus one round of Max 30, and even though, they are the hardest workouts in terms of intensity, the payoff is truly rewarding.

Stick with it and get the best results you have ever had quickly. Perfect for losing weight gaining strength and balance! Sometimes I go back to it just for variety it's amazing!

The best workout to reduce your fat in short period...

This workout is just so amazing and helpful it is hard but it works the diet is good and the protien shakes it is the best abe crating workout you will ever find - ROONEY

My sister has been using Insanity for less than a week so far, and has already developed some good muscles on her biceps.

I LOVE this program. It's helped me to lose 40 lbs and has literally changed my life. I'm now a fit mom and setting a great example to my family!

Love it. At 46 I am on week four of my second time around. Addictive and it certainly produces the results...I now have a "long forgotten" 6 pack!

The science didn't really attract me to it, it was just the strenuous exercises that got me and the results I've got are just epic.. I hope

Insanity is the best workout program evee. That can be proved by science and surveys. Insanity will get you better results in less time compared to other workout programs. FACT...

I've lost five pounds from doing insanity and I also did it at school and then I lost five more pounds laugh out loud it was fun - Animerockstar

Awesome workout-gets you into such great shape...feeling much fitter and really helps with endurance whilst running

This workout program worked with me so well I can't thank it enough.