Les Mills Combat


I have done 2 full rounds of Les Mills Combat and I have lost so much weight and inches. Right now I'm doing Focus T-25 along with Les Mills Combat. I can't not help but want to push play with this program. Dan and Rachel ate so much fun to watch and listen to that by the time you feel too tired to go any further you realize your in the cool down!

Les Mills programs are developed and tested to kick your ass, that's why there are always new releases. Cardio MMA with great music. Stay with the fight... If you can handle it.

Pretty much the best of all these, and I've tried most of them. The reason this one isn't at #1 is probably because it's much newer.

I think this should be the First, I lose weight, learn some fighting discipline and no need for any equipment and there are different exercises.

Loved this workout! Fun, intense, and it allowed me to work out my frustrations with some great punching and kicking!

I've tried all of them and this suits me the best! Best results and gives me the most self-confidence.

Love the high intensity motivation and quality of the instructors background in martial arts!

I lost over 70 lbs with this program it's fun and tough at the same time I look forward to each workout!

By far the most fun workout I've done, and it still gives great results.

Intense workout, dripping sweat within 5 minutes and feel like I'm learning correct form.

Les Mill Combat has changed my life! I love the motivation that Dan and Rach give in each and every workout. Rach has even made me cry a few times because of what she said. It really hit home. I am in my second round of Combat but doing the Ultimate Warrior track and I can't get enough! Love the empowerment and self confidence it has given me to push play and get fit!

Lost 49 lbs so far with this program. Les Mills Combat is kick butt and gets the job done!

A great workout that is a challenge, Yet ANYONE can modify it to their level

Great shaping results. You will be a sweaty mess after. Really fun!

I love the work out! It's tough! But it is fun to do!

Love the Chisel results I got from Combat

Dan and Rach do a good job keeping you interested ad sweating. I thought it would be really easy but its not. It actually works up a sweat.

What a fun workout! I don't like cardio, but I love Les Mills Combat! I incorporate it into every program I do now!

This program is so fun and effective without being crazy hard! Love Dan and Rach!

On my second round of this with my wife. She sees Rach as her motivator much like her own Jillian Michaels. Love the program and get a great sweat on the HIIT days. Can't wait to take it to the next two levels.

It is great workout and I love it. And my body is screaming in good pain net day. :D