This is without question the most challenging workout I've experienced. I feel as if I have earned back my self-confidence (and my rocking bod laugh out loud). - mgour

Great program for all around conditioning. Benefits from doing P90x can be felt in every area of your life. Carrying big bags of groceries, chasing the kids around the yard, playing all of my sports this program has helped me in every way. Can't say enough about it.

Made me sore like words can't even describe but it was worth it. It is very effective and I got abs quicker than I expected. I am now confident. Thank you P90X! The exercises are enjoyable and they vary from kick boxing to yoga.

It's just what I need, I love Tony's style and now I've learned it all by heart and all I do is listen to keep the counts right. No forcing, no screaming, but boy do the results come in time! Great confidence builder too! Never feel inferior.

Loved this program. I had never been so sore (especially in those first few weeks) and get results so quickly. I had abs that were ripped by week 4 of the program. So worth it.

I did he whole progam of insanity and now am almost done with p90x, I don't think insanity should be number 1. P90x is a way better workout and is way more well rounded. At the end of p90x compared to insanity by body is way better looking. Don't me wrong insanity is a great program and will kick your butt. But p90x gets you stronger and better looking

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! It's a fitness program for all round physical development, and it really works for losing weight, gaining muscle, and improving all round physical fitness.

I love that P90X challenges you differently every day. I see other programs where you might do the same workout 3 times in one week! I would get bored with this. With P90X, each day is intense but in a different way. Some days you lift weights, others you do yoga, and others you bust your butt with cardio! It's a great all-around challenge!

This program gives you everything, and delivers on it promise to deliver results. P90X is my absolute favorite! You want real results, get this program. You will be happy you did.

Surely, Tony is one of the best trainers in the world. This workout program, works on whole of your body, completely, not only on a part. Its GRATE!

P90X changed my life. I used to hate working out but P90X made me realize I can get a lot done at home and change my overall body and love doing it at the same time.

Holistic approch to helping you get "in the best shape of your life" that includes strength training, plyometrics, yoga, stretching, aerobics and more.

The very best program without a doubt. Targets all muscles. Anyone at any age can do this. You are your only limitation. "Do your best and forget the rest."

P90X is better for those who want to save their joints and not plateau too quickly in their workout. This will happen with insanity.

Simply the best all around training program. Get stronger and leaner while avoiding injuries. What could be better than that?

I've used this. My ex used this to go from very overweight to being very fit and muscular.

I have done P90x 4 or 5 times, I love it. I keep doing it be because it keeps working...plain and simple!

The most effective program, rough and challenging of course - confidential

Love this program. Sure it's a challenge but it works. You defiantly do not get bored!

P90X is my favorite at home workout program. My husband got amazing results. He has lost almost 60pds. I like it the best because it is a whole body workout. It has weights, cardio, yoga, etc. It does not ever get boring. The more you give with this program the more you will get out of it. You will see amazing results! I also love Tony Horton.

I look like a giant after using P90X. I look so sexy!

This is the best program among all of them.

You can't get better than this...total body transformation!

Very challenging but Very effective..it gave me abs!

It's truly a full body, well-rounded workout.