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21 30 Day Shred

Jillian is an angel, she is a great motivator. This work out is do able for a mid ranged fitness level, 30 something mum of two. And you see results in a few days.

Jillian kicks my butt almost everyday. Her workouts are just the perfect amount of exercise for a busy mom like me. Along with walking everyday I see the pounds shedding off.

Love, love, LOVE IT! The first 30 days I did I lost 5lbs! And like the others say, great workout for a busy mom!

I've been doing this for 3 weeks, and really starting to see results.

22 21 Day Fix

I have 2 toddlers and they even try to join in. The first week was killer but definitely stick with it. I am on my third round and am down over 20 inches. Portioning properly is important. The closer you can follow the program and push your limits every minute will give you amazing result. Just missing one day impacts my life surprisingly in a critically negative way. Get a support group also it helps on those difficult days to stay motivated. Every single workout I notice how I have improved every week and always feel it is challenging. I love how any fitness level can do it because of the alterations and I still do some for my joints. I love this plan and it's 30 minutes a workout so it really does fit into anyone schedule.

This is a great program!

Especially for someone like me who hadn't worked out in years! The first week was hard, but with the modifier, it allows you to still get the exercises done without quitting because the workouts are to hard.

I have lost 15.5 inches after the first 3 week. Am currently on week 2 and feeling great!

Everyday a different challenge and Autumn push us really to the limit. A great programme for everyone, truly complete.

This is a great workout for people just getting started on a fitness journey. The exercises are easy to follow, yet challenging. The ability to modify makes it so almost anyone can do it. In three and a half months, I have lost 45 pounds.

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23 7DayFitness
24 Slim In 6

These (and slim series type workouts) are amazing and wish they would make more!

Loved this system, it really worked!

This is a great total body workout.

25 12 Days - Amy and Jamie Honey System

Fun is the key ingredient of everything: a healthy diet can be fun, exercises can be fun, learning important facts about your body, nutrition and fitness can be fun.

26 Tapout XT

Lost 40 pounds in 90 days! Loved it so much I repeated it and lost more weight. It fell right off!

Kicked my butt and made me sweat

Much better than p90 x or insanity. More functional for those of us in combat arts.

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27 JNL Fusion

Fastest results of anything I've used, never boring.

28 Armstrong Pullup Program

This program was used by Major Charles Lewis Armstrong, USMC to prepare himself to attempt to set a world record in number of pull-ups completed in a single exercise session.

29 Wii Fit

The most beautiful piece of matter created on this earth. Foolish not to vote for this one. - Miniman1676

This is great for those with injuries.

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30 Jonathan Roche's Boot Camp
31 Blogilates

Easy pilates/yoga/cardio combo with more of a girly vibe. A lot of muscle building through easy-to-do moves. This one is great for beginners looking to lose chub and gain some nice looking muscles. Casey Ho is great as an instructor, and all of her videos are free to view and are on YouTube and the Blogilates website and the Blogilates Social Site. 90% of the videos require no equipment! Casey Ho also offers daily workout calendars and clean eating tips and recipes. She does it all for you, makes it really easy to live a healthy lifestyle. Give it a try, girls! And guys, if you're brave enough to listen to a very girly instructor.

32 Zumba

This is the best! You don't feel you are killing yourself, the diversity in music rocks! You shed the weight easily.

I love Zumba so much that I was sad after surgery that I couldn't do it - it really is fun

33 RevAbs

I really liked this workout. It's a good circuit training routine with a focus on abs while working your entire body and utilizing capoiera techniques :-)

34 Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide

So much fun and it gave me really good results!

28 minute workouts easy to do at home with incredible results, this programme is about long lasting sustainable change not an attempt to kill you into a quick fix that you can't keep up long term.

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35 RVlution

Mark MacDonald trainer to the stars. Founder of Venice Nutrition! Monavie products and 90 RVlution life change. Ditch the Diet! It not just a work out its life change

36 EA Sports Active 2

Each workout is different. The workouts build with you, becoming more challenging as you get in shape.

Fantastic fitness program for the Wii or Xbox 360.

37 Buti Yoga

I found Buti Yoga two years ago, in the end of May of 2014. It was four years after becoming a first time mom, over the age of 30. I had SO many physical issues and could barely do anything because of fallen arches that sent a train wreck of issues up my legs. My core strength was gone, and... plenty of other post pregnancy issues that left me too afraid to attempt working out in public view. I did the few free workouts on YouTube, then immediately went all in for the full 30 day slim down package, which at the time included a full blown meal plan, dvd set, and access to the online video library. I was instantly addicted and completed the entire 30 day slim down twice- 60 full days of pure Buti Bliss. Half way through that I was so on fire for Buti that I signed up for certification in mid July. It's two years later and I am still going strong in instructing Buti Yoga and still absolutely addicted. I am stronger than I ever have been, more inspired, delighted, and my body has resolved ...more

Buti is an amazing yoga practice and workout! It is a butt-kicking combination of power yoga, plyometrics, and dance. There is a lot of toning so you will get your cardio, strength, and flexibility in one super fun, engaging workout! I have personally seen my core strength increase so much more in Buti than any other type of fitness program, plus I can do headstands and other yoga poses I never dreamed of doing before. The practice and group of women that do it are extremely supportive and empowering. Buti encourages you to be your best self through self-love rather than self-loathing. And did I mention it is so much fun?!?

Buti Yoga shows you physical results immediately faster than any other workout I've seen on this list. Buti is challenging and fun. The music is great and I can do more yoga poses than when I was paying massive amounts of money at local yoga studios. I'm not sure how Bizzie balances yoga and cardio so well but it just works. You are challenging yourself and growing so confident. It's so great I really can't sum it up in this comment. Everyone that does Buti ends up with a body they ACTUALLY dreamed of...but not by stressing the body; rather, celebrating it.

Buti is amazing! I finally love working out!

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38 Fitness Blender

With literally 100's of FREE videos on YouTube and several video series available for super cheap, Fitness Blender is truly accessible to the masses! Their routines are varied and include tons of modifications so everyone can follow along! There is a free app for support and people around the world are getting fit with this system! I love that it's all about encouragement and no shaming! There are tons of fitness and nutrition tips, but again the focus is positive and I health not shaming or pressure to fit a mold or eat perfectly.

I love these guys! This is a real couple who do the workouts in the video and sweat and pant along with you. They are really in touch with what their audience is expecting and going through. There are so many videos and a great search function - search by duration, focus (core, upper, lower body), type (Pilates, warm-up/cool-down, cardio, weights) and gives you options like Dumbbells, no equipment, mat only, etc.

There are a number of programs available as well which are not free but very affordable ($5-$10) - once paid for, you can reuse them however many times you'd like. They range in duration - 2 weeks or 6 weeks, etc. and target your goal - muscle building, total body, booty, arms, etc.

There are also some great downloads for simple recipes. This couple's approach is REAL - they don't make you count your macros or swear wine off for the rest of your life. There is no Photoshopping or perfect takes of their videos or fancy camera angles. I feel inspired rather than ...more

This website has changed my life! I have been doing their videos for about 6 weeks and now have just started 2 of their 4 week programs. My body shape is changing...I have dropped my cholesterol and my endurance is up - in just 7 weeks! Can't wait to see what happens after 6 months! LOVE this site!

This is free. How can you beat that?

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39 Walk Leslie Sansone

I've tried many of the other programs listed here and keep coming back to Leslie's. It's so easy to fit into my lifestyle and I feel great after a work-out rather than being exhausted.

Leslie is good for any level of fitness, and her walks are sustainable as one ages and confronts different fitness goals.

Anyone can do this. There are more intense and less intense versions. No steps to learn.

Very effective in losing weight without the stress!

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40 Georges St-Pierre's RUSHFIT

Lost 43lbs with this program after 2 rounds. No whooping and hollering from those taking part (a big plus), straightforward training from Eric, all of which is well researched, and a bit of humour from the very humble man himself, GSP. I have tried quite a few of the others on this list, but I always come back to this. One tip, squat the way Eric tells you to, putting your weight into your heels, or your knees will suffer. Good luck.

The finest MMA style no nonsense workout program ever. Excellent and well balanced. In my opinion, GSP rush fit should be in top 3. Please vote for this program...

You need to train like a fighter, if you want to look like one...

Who better to train you than one of the most physically fit human beings on the planet?

Outstanding workout. Well taught, well paced. Great for focused core training.

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