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41 Georges St-Pierre's RUSHFIT

Lost 43lbs with this program after 2 rounds. No whooping and hollering from those taking part (a big plus), straightforward training from Eric, all of which is well researched, and a bit of humour from the very humble man himself, GSP. I have tried quite a few of the others on this list, but I always come back to this. One tip, squat the way Eric tells you to, putting your weight into your heels, or your knees will suffer. Good luck.

The finest MMA style no nonsense workout program ever. Excellent and well balanced. In my opinion, GSP rush fit should be in top 3. Please vote for this program...

You need to train like a fighter, if you want to look like one...

Who better to train you than one of the most physically fit human beings on the planet?

Outstanding workout. Well taught, well paced. Great for focused core training.

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42 P90X3

After completing P90x a couple times I decided to try this out. I'm now finishing my third round, results aren't quite the same as P90x but great none the less. If you don't have the time for P90x this is a great program, should easily be top 10 for efficiency.

Great Program and its only 30 minutes, great variety and Tony does great cueing you in to next move. Did program twice and may do again after taking a break. Also great to mix and match with other programs. Should be in top 10!

No idea why this is ranked so low. It is an amazing program for any level. If you're new to working out the modifications make it accessible. If you're a seasoned vet, GO FOR IT and it will rock your world!

Love love love this program! Started this last year to just start getting healthy! Got so healthy in 90 days that my hormones balanced out and I was able get pregnant after 3 yrs of trying! Now that my baby girl is here I've restarted this program and I am sooo thankful for the quick 30 minute workouts having a 4 yr old and now a 3 month old! Thank you Tony Horton!

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43 BodyPump
44 Power 90
45 Piyo

Such a great program. I have so many issues (collapsed arches which leads to balance & core problems) but at the end I had developed the core strength to be able to do a legit tree pose for yoga. Sweat was definitely my favorite of the workouts.

I love Piyo because it's tough, but no equipment is required. I completed 60 days of the program and could not believe the strength I acquired during that time.

This workout was very good. It starts you out slow the first couple of weeks then adds intensity. Shaylene was funny, motivating and intense. I am finished with the last month of the program and I have a toned bottom. very strong plank and my abs look great. Thanks Shaylene I cannot wait till you come out with new videos

I've watched the T.V. add and read the reviews. I'm 58 and have bad hips and lower back but I'm ready to start this program. I love the low impact workouts and hopefully have finally found an exercise program I can do.

46 Jillian Michaels Body Revolution

Jillian Michaels is awesome! Oh, yeah! Go super-tough ladies!

It's great! Overall fitness level improvement.

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47 You Are Your Own Gym

Excellent and best tablet/phone workout

Been doing this for over 4 years now, it is incredibly effective. When you take into account the price too this really is a no-brainer.

48 T-Tapp
49 Can You 24

Excellent program. Great for different levels. Everything AdvoCare does is top notch.

AdvoCare distributors leading the way to better health. Don't let that fool you. This is no joke!


Awesome format and great instructor! There is no dread factor here.

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51 Freeletics

This is the only workout I've been able to sustain for more than a month. Challenging and motivational. Just not for the weak minded.

How was this not on the list from the very beginning?

Been doing this program for 5 weeks now and love it!

52 Daily Burn

Awesome total body workout. Excellent trainers. Different one each day. Streams live.

53 Jazzercise
54 Bodies in Motion
55 New Rules of Lifting
56 Sahaja Yoga Meditation
57 Winsor Pilates Fat Burning Workout

It awesome! I feel great every time I do the workout!

58 Nerdfitness
59 KettleWorx

Great full body workout. The host isn't annoying even after several viewings.


60 Peak Physique
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