This workout is the most fun of all my home workouts. I feel as if I am right there in the class, but have all the convenience of home (no drive, no line for the bathroom, no gym fees). I do a lot of exercise DVDs and Turbofire is one I keep going back to again and again because it is fun and challenging. I must say, however, that I am not a fan of the strength training component.

This workout is awesome and it works. The instructor is fun, so encouraging and knows her stuff and the music is great. The online support is great and helpful with accountability but the workouts are so much fun that I couldn't wait until the next one.

TurboFire is amazing! It's the first workout that I ever actually looked forward to. I found myself really enjoying it! I'd find myself singing the songs from the workouts. Chalene helped me lose go from 145 to 124 in 90 days! It's the first workout that I recommend to anyone. So fun!

Loved this workout, when all is said and done this workout is a lot of fun. And I had some obliques and ab definition.

This program was so fun and kept me motivated the whole 90 days! I loved the music and the variety of the program when mixed with the HIIT workouts. Lost 18lbs all while feeling like I was dancing. Ended up loving it so much I became a Turbo Kick instructor!

Turbo Fire is one the best workouts I have eve done! It's very addicted and I've seen awesome results!

This is a program I revisit often. It completely changed my attitude about exercise, and in the process helped me shed 55 unwanted pounds. Chalene Johnson is such a motivating force. I recommend this program to everyone.

I love Turbo Fire, the music motivates me to want to go harder...

Size 14 to a size 4 in 7 months. Enough said

Love TurboFire! Best workout there is.!

Anything with Chalene Johnson it worth it! She motivating and inspirational like none other. She makes you feel as if you can take on the world with her programs. It totally ROCKS!

This is a Fun and efective workout, great music and instruction and fun. I have done p90 and it doesn't compare.

Turbo Fire is so much fun and Chalene keeps me motivated to get through it and achieve things I didn't think I could before! " It's my soulmate workout.

I have lost over 60 lbs using Turbo Fire! I absolutely love this program, it is fun, energizing and Chalene is a great motivator. The music rocks!

It's wayy too much fun to be considered a real workout...until you start seeing results right away. And you're hooked! It's awesome and I LOVE it!

Love this workout- Chalene has so much energy and keeps me motivates. Turbo itself is so much fun!

Love Chalean! Great program really keeps you moving it is hard to get bored doing this one.

The Best! Definitely my soulmate workout. Kicked my butt into shape. Chalene is awesome!

This program never gets boring! Chalene keeps you motivated for sure!

Great for cardio, even though in the beginning it is hard to follow. Quickly I got better at the coordination and it helped me tremendously for shoulders (with weighted gloves).
Highly recommend!

I've done TF for 3 years now, along with Chalean Extreme and running. Still loving it! Chalene never gets old!