I have used Bing for years but has become so liberal I cannot stomach it. Am looking for something less political.

Securest than Google, it does not collect information from your activities. less fake information than Google. very soon bing is going to be worlds best home page due to nokia. in 2011 gmail was number one, yahoo mail was number two, and hotmail/outlook was number three position. But now in 2014 outlook is in number two and very soon outlook will grab the position of number one. In five years Microsoft is going to be user's favorite. in the section of cell phone Microsoft will be at the top in market value.
Don't forget Apple starts from Microsoft, it's the game of time being.

I like the images on this page - nice nature pics not annoying celebrities.

So let me get this right. I can vote thumbs down but in doing so I have to select a reason from the drop down menu but if I vote thumbs up... no reason is needed? Yea right!

Colorful and informative. The really great thing is that you don't have to go to MSN which is total crap.

This is number 1! Not sure why it's posted as number 9 here?

Amazing new screen every day. Really recommend it!

Interesting & beautiful pics with news that's actually worthy of knowing and minimal ads - I think it's perfect

Loads fast, very easy to use, plus I get better wallpaper pictures for my computer.

I enjoy that the pictures change everyday, fascinating place, animals etc..

I'm leaving MSN Homepage with the Bing search. They have put in so many adds, I am almost looking at 30% less of my screen capability. I've had the last straw.

By far the best and most accurate information

Rewards plus awesome backgrounds every day!

Classy and simple, nice design for homepage.

Yea, I like Bing a lot but am really getting annoyed by the constant fake news/liberal bias newspoints/links! So I am searching to see what other options are available.

Terrible new format. It is all advertisements and surveys!

Choose and pick your poison or look at a nice picture - I usually choose the picture!

Love that you can learn something interesting each day!

Bing Rocks my nickname is bing because I'm so smart (in other words Intelligent)

Bing homepages are really amazing. Changes everyday. So you learn new things

It Is Microsoft's And It Is Very Pleasant - oldfashionedmickeymousecol1995

New picture everyday and keeps you updated on unbiased news.

Simplistic, Beautiful and it works

Its just MSN, but it does have pretty pictures!

Bing is trying to steal the money from Google