Great colorful Layout, easy to navigate, zero ads and useful and usable page links.

The more I use it, the more engaging and enticing it becomes.

A Visual Directory of the Best Sites on the Internet

It's great on the eyes with it's beautiful & images. So convenient having my favorites at my fingertips.

Very fast start page, and personalized start page

It is elegant, easy to use, and provides a rich source of the most used websites without the clutter. Love Kadaza!

I've used Kadaza for a few years now, so it's something of a comfortable old house shoe that still fits well for me. Pretty standard stuff, but that's good news: there are no "fad of the moment," "trendy," "hipster" components to it, so you know it'll be there after all the other fads have long faded.

All you ever needed on one clear page then many other link to play with. Just try it and you will never be happy with other homepages. Unless you make your own...

Kadaza is the greatest in my opinion. Its fast and clean.

Kadaza is the most comprehensive directory of the Web. - KevinJaming

Kadaza is the absolutely the best home page ever. Almost no cookies, its fast, and highly customizable.

Easy to understand homepage helps it to be the best websites on the planet.

It's great on the eyes with it's beautiful images.

Perfect for me, its simple but very handy. great as igoogle replacement

Easy to start on the web with kadaza

Not a bad site, Has lots of links and does not require me to allow cookies. I'll give it a use for a while longer.

With everything in one overview I can go to all my favorite websites with peace of mind it's just an amazing homepage to have.

It doesn't get any better than this! No ads. Simple, fast, clean and attractive. Single click to the most popular sites with links to everything from email to financial news and all categories in between (like social media and sports). It's been my only homepage for 3 years and as long as it's around I won't use anything else. Customizable homepage is easy to use and fast loading. Thank you Kadaza! - KevinJaming

Best site for Homepage! You can search different search engines with one click without it being too cluttered.

Kadaza is the best in my opinion. Its fast and clean.

Kadaza is not only a great homepage, it's also a comprehensive web directory. This is a great way to find the best websites on any subject. - KevinJaming

Best! Simple homepage that has all of the best websites. No ads, a clean look, and useful for me at work or at home!

Clear and handy Home Page. Useful Start Page.

I highly recommend Kadaza to everyone.

This homepage is fantastic; simple, alluring, nice to look at and easy to navigate. Many of the best sites just a few clicks away. Nice! Very good! Thank you Kadaza!