I actually like the layout... however I have grown tired of the misleading advertisements and the constant anti-Trump barrage of postings. Creating and/or posting ridiculous observations, hypothetical and what if's, obscure surveys and treating them as important news is an insult to one's intelligence. The only purpose it serves is to feed misleading garbage to those who already hate him and his administration and embolden his supporters. Before I change to another home page provider, does anyone now if there's a way to turn off all political postings and advertisements on the MSN home page?

MSN should be in the top 10 worst homepages. Ads everywhere. Tidbits of newsie type texts. Great for happy days, not useful for educated adults or for kids in school.

Gives the info I like however, may not be my favorite long with all the "bing" crap, as I can't even get to msn now

MSN Totally Stinks, Their like a telemarketer on your screen, to many ads, Their new browser, well seems like a Microsoft Downgrade. No user options, Your forced to use features you don't want. or you have to have a dumb account to use it. They removed the options to Turn off, Turn On, Remove and Delete features you don't Like. Fire everybody at Microsoft and put people in there make a good browser, and still keep there customers happy. And now Microsoft wants to know where you live, your likes and dislikes, what web sites you visit and they want you to share information. I stopped using Microsoft and any of there products. The homepage I'm using now is so cool, No Ads, No Signing in to use e-mail, Skype. Just the way the internet uses to be 10 years ago, Surf the net without the B.S. they got today.

Just dropped them. So biased, too much garbage.

They lean way too far to the political left. I'm changing to a more neutral home page.

MSN used to be my favorite and they have just gone over the edge between the advertisements and taking up so much space with it I'm switching home pages. It's pathetically sad, at least give us a way to change it if we want and still use the page. Voting with my feet.

A happy user for several years of My MSN - I intensely dislike the new page. Although I have yet to find something that compares with your previous page, I no longer use MSN. It is terrible - Fox News at its worst!

The forced Bing and pop ups are really, really horrible now. I was a long time MSN loyalist, but just can't do it anymore. ANY other home page is a better option...

Been with msn sense day one. informative, easy to use, easy to find whatever I was looking for, but this new format is just awful, it's the reason I'm here looking for a new home page, seen the post comment and here to say goodbye

Totally agree. At least with the last design, I could customize more to my taste. This new site has so much crap that I could care less about and can't find a way to delete it. Good bye MSN. You guys blew this one!

NO WAY! This used to be good. I went there long ago because my old Hotmail was available easier. Now their news is ridiculously left wing, and the ads take up way too much space. Worst thing is when you select one of their interesting items, THEY ALWAYS HAVE SEPARATE WEB PAGES FOR ANY LIST, AND IT TAKES FOREVER TO GO THROUGH IT. No more.

I loved this site for Years and Years, but lately I can't read a story without it being full of folks that are clearly trump supporters (because of Their words, which sadly are crude, rude and really vile) and other Extemists that Literally Threaten anyone that won't agree with Their Hate, they call names, make threats, and have had a few show up on my fb page just to say Really gross Vile stuff for no reason at all, other than being hateful and to Bully. MSN has gone from a really great and pretty even sided site, to an extreme haters site with the seeming support of the site. Sorry for the rant, just want a decent site rather than a haters haven. Plus honestly don't like the new MSN look either. Sigh

I had msn but they just changed the way the site looks, and I realize its not a secure site, so I need something new.. no more msn

Old My. Msn was great. New one is terrible

After years of reasonably satisfied use...I can no longer tolerate the insanely slow loading of useless advertising scripts that slow my experience to a crawl. I'm searching right now for my MSN replacement. How could you folks take something useful and turn it to something so unabashedly avaricious?

MSN has shot themselves in the foot with this new homepage. It is not only hard to navigate, I can't find ANY link to personalize it, like I could the previous version. They have been slowly removing the news feeds, which I set up when they re-did the page a few months ago. All I have left is 3-4 modules, as opposed to 10 before.

My vote is in the form of leaving MSN and NEVER returning. This new layout is horrible!

Banner takes up too much space and cannot be deleted or minimized.

MSN Sucks! Enough with all the ads.

Where is "my msn"? I get it set up and then it is gone. I agree, this NEW LOOK is the last straw. So now we start over setting up WHAT I WANT and getting rid of the CRAP.

I agree. I HATE what they did to my homepage! Can't find any of the things I checked on every day so easily on the old page. What are they thinking! Looking for a new home page but haven't found it yet.

Hate the new set up. Leaving this site. There were already too many ads and now it is ad harassment. Add insult to injury they have seemingly purposefully added an additional pop up with annoying stories and voice I do not want. That have programmed this to sit fact;y on top of the exit icon so it is impossible to get away from. Insulting to think they think I am that stupid provides the latest news as soon as you log onto the Internet. It really keeps you up to date with everything, even when you are not looking. Although, I do not like the new layout. I also agree with previous post about there being too many ads.

I'm leaving for the same reason. Not only are there too many ads but they blink which gives me a headache and makes it difficult to concentrate on what I'm reading. I have been using MSN for years but this is too much.

I was a loyal MSN user for years. The new format stinks! Hard to tell what is real and what is advertisements. Pop ups and redirects everywhere you look. Good Bye MSN!

Finished with Just had to reset my password -AGAIN - and then I keep getting message that my password isn't correct.

The new look loads slowly - especially on my tablet (Tab S) so I'm finished with Microsoft.