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41 Fox News Fox News Fox News Channel is an American basic cable and satellite news television channel that is owned by the Fox Entertainment Group subsidiary of 21st Century Fox.

Great site! Finally I can get the news unfiltered by liberal bias.

The only news site I could find that isn't "progressive."

Better than most


It is great! Simple and amazing... Just like Google!

43 HurryLess

Easily the best bookmarking site on the web. Clean, easy, a breeze to customize.


Been using Papaly for months now. Has to be my new favorite social networking site. Makes it easier to find relevant content for anything you might be interested in. I'm hooked, plain and simple.

I use it as my start page and I'm loving it. Makes my life easier searching through all my bookmarks. You won't regret trying them.

This is a great site for storing bookmarks online. In time, the makers of this site might develop it a little more, which might be nice (for picky people like me) but I can honestly say it is one of the best bookmarking sites I have ever seen.

Top & fast growing social start page

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45 Google Earth

I just found google earth and I think iam going to really like it

46 is an amazing internet homepage where you get all the websites you visit in just a single page and the best thing is that you get a "unified search" where you can search google,yahoo or bing across different categories from a single page. It's everything that you would want your internet homepage to be. You can even customize links and add your favorite bookmarks. It's amazing! Just try it out. You'll love it. - ritwick

47 iKwote

Set and wait, spin and spin. No connection. Site will not even connect. Waist of time.

Pretty darn cool site. It has awesome homepage content, it's free and it's FAST. I like the "Game of the Day" and the YouTube videos of the Day"

This sight is prefect

Has everything that I could need in a Homepage... Nice and easy quicklinks =D the Quote of the day and game of the day are nice extras to the Homepage

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48 Boogle

Beautiful and simple home page - displays a new quote (good quotes too) every time the page is refreshed and a one-line Google search box


This is a great web sight: if you compare an area's politics, culture and current activity along with the front pages of the
Nearest headline newspaper then you can surmise what is actually happening, of course this is after you factor in what corporation and then what owner has control of that paper. Thirty years ago you only had to read the headlines but journalism, as we used to know it, is dead.

If you like news headlines and newspaper front pages this is the perfect Homepage. It features front pages from 49 different countries with major emphasis on the US, UK and Canadian front pages. Its simple design is visual and to the point and updates daily. Give it a try, you'll like it. (A website)


Great site easy to use.

53 Nairaland

This the most exciting and popular social site in Africa. I enjoy it everyday.

54 Qkadoo

I finally found a place to call home. I love all the people. You can learn/earn and have so much fun. Never, ever before has there been a Company where you can like, comment, post and meet all new wonderful people and get paid for it... Awesome! This is a company that will be around for the long. When you have a heart to think of people from all walks of life... Now you know where belong... Amen! Congratulations... Awesome! Looing forward for the rest and the very best to come

Qkadoo changes the way we do business online - Facebook makes billions from our content. The Great Internet Rip Off - Qkadoo does what the others won't - Qkadoo is in Patent Pending status with there business model. The site that offers everything we already do AND pays us for doing what we already do. Qkadoo will rule!

Qkadoo is such a great place to be. What we do on Facebook we can do here & get paid. There is so much more, this is the place to be to socialize, have fun, earn money for the things we do on the website. We can open up our own store & earn from that. And so much more coming in the weeks & months ahead!

I Believe QKADOO will be a Great Asset for all of us!

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I am a Comcast customer. I tolerated the old home page because it had all the information that I needed in a reasonable format. Their 20 second news and entertainment clips were typically preceded by a 15 to 30 second commercial advertisement. You might hear the same advertisement multiple times in a row if you clicked on multiple clips. I stopped viewing their clips because of this. Today, they changed the home page into a piece of junk. It appears to be picture/video based, which is not my style. I like more text descriptions, with a small picture to highlight the text. I talked with one of their representatives online to vent my displeasure with the new format. I asked how I could get the old home page content/format back. I was told that this was the new improved format and that I could not go back. I indicated that I would be looking for a new home page, and mentioned a few that I was familiar with. I also told the representative that I did not request any changes or improvements ...more

Absolute trash. I could care less about every entertainment and Bollywood latest intrigue. And all this crap takes up the top half of you page. It is another NBC/Comcast abomination. I will no longer waste time putting up with this. And they expect to dominate the world. They have a one-word logo/branding statement and it is best summed up as "Arrogance is US" or "We Are who We Are" and their mission statement has to be "Our Way or the Highway". Their partner in buffoonery is their cable/server provider, xfinity/Comcast another can't seem to keep a connection up for more than a few minute. And they have essentially NO customer service because it's never their fault, always yours or someone else's. They must be trying to get to the pinnacle of secular greed. Anything and everything that will get them another buck. Profiteering Pirates.

The new video changes have made this page a complete waste of time now. It was a reasonable choice before. I cannot support this site with the setup as is. Maybe they will learn if enough people leave, but then again it is "NBC" we are talking about.

Absolute garbage! A waste of time! The only thing missing is toilet paper!

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56 4chan 4chan 4chan is an English-language imageboard website. Users generally post anonymously, with the most recent posts appearing above the rest.

The best thing EVER! Why in hell is this not in the top 10 list?


No nonsense... all you favorites right on the main screen LOVE IT..

59 mywebook

This is the best homepage I ever seen,..almost all homepage I ever try but not good like this one
Thank you very much for this applications


One of the best simple Homepages ever seen.

Great idea man!

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