I love Qkadoo. Google 16 years, Facebook 10 Years, Yahoo, Bing, LinkedIn, MSN all those companies and not one of them figured out how to or they just didn't want to share the Internet Wealth with those of us that provided them the content, which they took for FREE and never came up with a way to pay us for our content that has now made them Billionaires. Qkadoo - they figured it out - they have their system and method in Patent Pending Status. I say Hip Hip Hiroo Qkadoo! I will be a user for life. Can't wait for the Patent Pending Software to be released this week. Great Job.

Unlike Facebook who does NOT share the Billions of $s they make in advertising profits from the FREE content provided by Facebook users, like you and me, Qkadoo WILL! The internet will never be the same again... A truly GLOBAL equal opportunity!

THAT IS SO TRUE - Hundreds of Billions of Dollars - It's been almost a year watching Qkadoo grow into this incredible company - I can't wait - 3 more days and we get to see the new software, system that is unique to Qkadoo and will rock the world.

This is my place for my social media needs. You can earn/ learn and have fun doing so. I am looking forward to the growth that is happening with Qkadoo! Awesome! This is a company that will be around for the long. When you have a heart to think of people from all walks of life... Now you know where belong... Amen! Congratulations...

This is the first website and the only website that share there wealth with people that uses a website. You get paid while like, comment, share or blog on this website. This is definitely the place to meet your friends and family. Qkadoo will take the world by storm.

Finally a website that honors the people who stands by its progress. A website that gives back to each and everyone who are involved in with simple likes, comments and other serious posts & actions. What a delight that 2015 has ushered in a website company that is going to set a benchmark in partner upliftment monetarily. Topping the apex of Excellence!

Qkadoo will do what others wont, Qkadoo is the company that is going to change the way we do business online. You get paid on Qkadoo doing what you already do online. The big companies make money on your content. They take it and make billions of dollars and pay you nothing. Learn how you can make money doing what you already do.

This is a new and going site. This site also has everything going for it. Even it's own search engine. This site should top the list without a doubt.

This is IT! I have been searching for years on the internet, for something to make a little monthly income. I wasn't even looking for a lot of added income. With Qkadoo, I'm looking forward to a little and maybe a lot more, depending on how much time I want to put into it. Thanks Qkadoo!

QKadoo has the best of EVERYTHING! Social, sharing, earning, you can even open a store FREE?! FINALLY the average person can make it online! Its fun, easy and FREE! What are you waiting for? QKadoo IS the all around top shelf STAR of 2015 and WAY beyond! Bravo!

Qkadoo cares about the people who make the internet go. We get some of the revenue instead of the over 100 billion going into a couple peoples pocket. We have a true leader she cares about all walks of life. Love Qkadoo, Wahoo!

Qkadoo will be #1 on the very soon. I suggest check out the new site on the net. Best part of Qkadoo is they pay you for what you do on the site. Have you ever been paid by Facebook or Google?

Never seen a IT platform that is heading to revolutionize concepts & for glorious change. Interactive rewards a new level of excellence. History getting triggered since its launch Jan 15th 2015. Bravo!

Never heard an idea where a internet Company has been magnanimous in sharing their profits with the partners who are the real spokespeople. This is history in the writing and a new era ushered in. What a delight to associate with Qkadoo!

I love Qkadoo! This is the place to be, my home:) The people here are the best, we have a great team. Everyone that comes to Qkadoo will earn! Where else can you earn for liking, posting and commenting. I can't wait for the new software to be released!

Qkadoo is the White Knight of the internet. The Robin Hood that is finally giving back to the people. Lynette is bringing to fruition a dream that has been in all of our hearts. There is no reason to keep making money for Facebook or Google anymore. When you put in your precious time at Qkadoo, it will be worth your while. Thank you Qkadoo! - Qkabelle

Qkadoo is newest and fastest growing website with a patent pending system that will change the way we socialize and do business. Get on board and hold on to your hats. History is in the making!

I believe this company will experience massive growth within the next six months, and people who join, (for free) learn, and use it will benefit financially. It is truly designed to change lives all over the world!

I love Qkadoo, it is amazing! Everyone is very helpful and there are so many ways to earn and it is fun and easy. I was already doing everything before, now and I am going to make money for doing the same thing. It is great!

One of the BEST social networks where we earn. Bye Bye Facebook!

I love how easy it is to use and I am so excited about Qkadoo! I get paid to do what I have been doing for years and not making any money in the past for the same things. This is incredible!

WOW - without words. Qkadoo is a game changer and on its way to the top.

One of the best sites.. I really like it

Qkadoo- a combination searh engine, social platform and marketing in one place. Just the social platform is and will be a huge "attracter" becAUse of the earning potential just from doing what we have all done on other networks- IMAGINE JUST "LIKING" SOMETHING AND EARNING FROM IT, just one small integral part of Qkadoo. Heck, I have already earned in points the current equivalent of $100 and full launch is around the corner yet... Woohoo Qkadoo... I Qkadoo do you?

After finding Qkadoo, I never went back to Facebook or Google

Great website to Learn and Earn and have fun making money through liking and commenting and posting and sharing with the world... Is amazing how quickly this new startup company grow in just a few days after it has launched on Jan 15th, 2015... Job well done QkadooNetwork!