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Yahoo! is a web services provider, wholly owned by Verizon Communications through Oath Inc. and headquartered in Sunnyvale, California.


I am here because I am looking to replace yahoo. Pop up are redicoulouse. Advertising is obtrusive.

...and on top of it all; not enough that the cursor goes automatically to Yahoo search when opening a new page, now they started substituting my search engine from Google to Yahoo! I just buried them! (*;*) - ILMA

I hate yahoo now. I have been using it for about 13 years now & I am tired of it changing all the time.

I hate the new home page. After 12 tears I'm gone. There customer support is non existent

Its total crap, it's like the old Enquire mag. Its terrible. That's why I'm here looking for a new homepage. I truly believe it's for children. Every day Bieber, gaga, lohan, and I'm so sick of hearing about Jen. Aniston god strike me now.

Their stories in news and sports, plus videos have gotten so bad lately that I am looking for a new home page. It's like they are written by spoiled rotten children and not proof read by any adult much less a editor.

I have been with yahoo for years. No more.

Yahoo used to be good, but recently its news items have become hard left leaning fact-free agenda pieces masquerading as hard news. The rest of it is banner ads, pop-ups and masses of dim-bulb celebrity infotainment stories. Pulling the plug before I lose any more brain cells.

Agree, I'm trying to find a new homepage that allows me to have my email, news, etc loaded similar to Yahoo, without the propganda

BAD BAD moving to new site.. New format sucks to bust and you can't personalize it

I am tired of the pop ups and page loading problems. I also think they need to find some new journalists to write their stories. Most stories don't cover the whole picture or leave out key details. They also pick a lot of petty stories that aren't real news.

Ads and banners dominate the money hungry yahoo makers. Always changing the appearance and simplicity of it to annoying levels. I'm looking for a new homepage as I write this.

Go back to the old format!
I don't have time to read thru all that crap!

Should change your name to "BooHoo", as you have pulled the rug out from underneath your trusted users with all the phony tabloid headlines you now interject, with realism. Are you really trying for Public Hysteria? You have an Awesome foundation, look, and ability to become a real and trusted site... Why not go there? Be real! Gain our trust! Report truth and give us the entire and honest story without taking sides. Let us (Readers) form our own opinions based only on TRUTH! There is far too much garbage out there that pollutes young minds... lead by example! Example; Reporter asks a Ferguson protestor why they were there protesting, and how they felt about the black eyewitnesses who corroborated the officers story? The interview subject knew nothing about that! Yelled out "Hands Up, Don't shoot! " People need to know the truth.

Have used my. Yahoo as my home pages since the mid-1990s. Historically, it was customizable and user friendly. Today, it is a stellar mix of incompetence and Maliciousness. Nothing works well. Ads are fine, but the ones Yahoo! Uses are visually offering -- things like old ladies shaking their fingers - are extraordinarily offensive. Yahoo! Has even messed up the weather, refusing to permit users to change cities displayed on the page. You may be able to add, but there is no subtracting or reordering. In short, it looks like a bunch of greedy corporate execs have hired a bunch of incompetent, silly children to sit around at late eating pizza, drinking colas or energy drinks, and snacking on candy bars to concoct new and increasingly useless features and designs to justify their running the company into the ground and collecting their severance pay before the company goes belly up, which it no doubt will. I am looking for a replacement, but my guess is the best alternative will be to go ...more

The Yahoo Home page was great until they changed it. Its now the worst on the web. Selection of new articles takes you to their mobile site vs. The article and the article you want to look at is not on the mobile site. Is now the worst on the web.

Just switched to Bing, got tired of the liberally bias content of Yahoo, after more than a decade using them as my home page, bye bye!

I've had Yahoo homepage for quite sometime, and I've become more and more irritated by its penchant for trivializing the world. I'm here looking for another homepage.

The new Yahoo format has become the homepage version 0f the National Enquirer (or Fox News) It's a contstant feed of trash news, unreliable sources, unverified facts. I hate it.
It lacks what little customization the old page had. I can't even add new book marks or get rid of old ones. I'm gone as soon as I figure out where to go.

Yahoo is the home of annoying. Insidious pop-ups with blaring audio that re-occur almost every time you move around on their home page. YAHOO SUCKS! Considering how lousy and irritating their interfaces and home page are it's a marvel that they're still in business. Also, forget customer service as I wrote directly to Marisa Meyer and have as yet to receive any reply (1 year and counting) so obviously nothing has really changed at Yahoo - they're still seriously "Wanged" and therefore deserve a toilet gown ending. Hopefully sooner rather than later. by the way, you don't really believe they read any of this, let alone give a damn, do you?

Yahoo! Is amazing. With the new Yahoo they appear to be on a consistent road to go out of business. Must be some sort of new Corporate strategy. The fact is shows up as #6 on this list just shows how awful the rest are.

I switched to Yahoo years ago because of email issues. Recently, they've made several changes which I dislike, but there is no option to keep what I did like. Most recently, they changed the homepage newsfeed and it drives me crazy. I'm seriously thinking about changing and am looking for a better alternative.

I used them as my home page for years. They kept changing things to make the page worse every couple years and I thought I'd stick around because it was just the email they dropped, or headline news, or some other service most everyone I know likes. Then recently they dropped local movie showings. OK, I get it: Yahoo wants out of the business so bad they're willing to DRIVE away existing users with their incompetence. They should know I won't use their search engine anymore, either, because if they are this awful at maintaining a good home page, how good can they be at maintaining a good search engine?

Yahoo has improved their site to death... The sad part is that they are making so much $$$ that they no longer have to care about users. If I go to Google, can I transfer mail there? Am not familiar with G at all.

Their change that apparently happened overnight on 9/19/13 has me looking for a new homepage since.. Well for ever. I have used them for so long I do not even know where to look for or who has home pages that can be customized and used for free like theirs. I even have yahoo mail that I am getting away from as well. You really made a big mistake. Bye!

Try Google. It's better. No advertising and it also puts interesting things as the Google text for the logo like Star Wars or something. - RiverClanRocks

Yahoo has changed their stock portfolios so that you can only open 1 at a time. Really bad change. I am shopping for another start page.