Best Honda Car Models

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1 Honda Accord

Accord comes handy and personally I think it's the best product from honda

I owned a honda accord for 10 years and it never ever broken down. Its an extremely reliable, comfortable & well built car.

the og

2 Honda Civic

I also own and drive a 2005 honda civic its made completely ahead of its time I love the power of the car and the looks also.. its very comfortable

Have a 2005 civic si 100,000 miles, runs great and quick, not fast. 2013 civic exl, has almost all the bells and whistles as a luxury car for a great price, great interior and sporty with spoiler.

I think Audi A6 is my top out of 5.
Then Honda Civic would be my #2
Then Volkswagon Passat would be my #5
Mercedes, BMW, they are great cars, but they are very expensive to maintain. a head light for a BMW is over $200.00 for one.
I love my new Honda Civic. Very good in the snow, so for Utah or mid west good winter car.

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3 Honda CR-V

I love it so much

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4 Honda Pilot

I like it a lot

5 Honda CR-Z
6 Honda Element
7 Honda Odyssey

Honda odyssey drives smooth and looks good in the inside and outside, it should be in the top 2 at least

8 Honda Skydeck
9 Honda Fit/Jazz

Fun to drive, good fuel economy, comfortable ride, excellent safety score..!
Simply is the best new age car from honda

10 Honda S2000

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11 Honda NSX
12 Honda Crosstour
13 Honda Ridgeline
14 Honda HR-V

I'm watching & I love what I see ❤️

15 Honda Prelude
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